“twice” Meaning in Hindi

“Twice” is an English word that means “दो बार” (Do Baar) in Hindi. It refers to the number 2 multiplied by itself, or to something that happens or is done two times.

Synonyms(समानार्थक) of “Twice”

English Hindi
Two times दो बार
Double दोहरा
A couple of times कुछ बार
Twofold दो गुणा
Two-fold दो गुणा

Antonyms(विलोम) of “Twice”

There are no standard antonyms of “Twice” as it is a quantitative term representing the numerical value of 2.

Examples of “Twice” in a sentence in English and Its Meaning in Hindi:

  1. I went to the gym twice this week. (मैं इस सप्ताह दो बार जिम गया।)
  2. I only have to take the medicine twice a day. (मुझे दवा दिन में दो बार ही लेनी है।)
  3. She scored twice in the final game. (वह फाइनल गेम में दो गोल कर गई।)
  4. The company’s profits have doubled since last year. (कंपनी के लाभ पिछले साल से दोगुना हो गए हैं।)
  5. He was twice as tall as his younger brother. (वह अपने छोटे भाई से दोगुना लम्बा था।)