“two” Meaning in Hindi

“Two” is an English word that refers to the number 2. It is derived from the Old English word “twā,” which means two. In English, it is used to indicate a quantity of two items or individuals.

Synonyms of “Two” in English

Word Meaning
Pair A set of two things used together or regarded as a unit.
Couple Two individuals who are married, engaged, or in a romantic relationship.
Duo A pair of two performers or musicians who work together regularly.
Twin Two children born at the same time from the same mother.
Double A quantity that is twice as large as another.

Antonyms of “Two” in English

Word Meaning
One The number 1, indicating a quantity of 1 item or individual.
Several A quantity that is more than two but not a specific number.
Many A large quantity of items or individuals.
Dozen A quantity of 12 items.

Examples of “Two” in a sentence in English and Its Meaning in Hindi:

  1. I have two dogs, a Labrador and a Golden Retriever. (मेरे पास दो कुत्ते हैं, एक लैब्राडॉर और एक गोल्डन रिट्रीवर हैं।)
  2. They both won the game together as a team of two. (वे दोनों यूनिट के रूप में एक टीम के रूप में खेल जीत गए।)
  3. I am going to buy two tickets for the movie. (मैं मूवी के लिए दो टिकट खरीदने जा रहा हूँ।)
  4. The recipe calls for two cups of sugar. (रेसिपी में दो कप चीनी का उल्लेख है।)
  5. There are only two people in the room. (कमरे में केवल दो लोग हैं।)