Beg To Differ: Meaning in Hindi & English

The phrase “beg to differ” is a polite way of disagreeing with someone’s opinion or statement. It is often used in a discussion or debate when someone wants to express an alternative viewpoint without being confrontational or rude.

“Beg to differ” is an idiomatic expression that is commonly used in English conversations. It is a respectful way of sharing a different opinion and encouraging a healthy debate or conversation.

Meaning of “Beg to Differ”

The phrase “beg to differ” means to disagree politely with someone’s opinion or statement. It is a way of expressing a different point of view while still being respectful and avoiding conflict.

In Hindi, a similar phrase that can be used to express a different opinion in a polite manner is “अलग मत होना हमसे” (Alag mat hona humse).

Example Sentences:

  1. John: “I think the movie was terrible.”

    Susan: “I beg to differ. I thought it was quite good.”
  2. Tom: “I believe that global warming is a myth.”

    Emily: “I beg to differ. There is plenty of evidence to support its existence.”
  3. Steve: “I think the blue shirt looks better on you.”

    Sarah: “I beg to differ. I prefer the red one.”

Regardless of the situation, it is always important to express a different opinion in a respectful and polite manner to maintain a healthy conversation or debate.

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