“A good deal” का अर्थ होता है कोई भी अच्छा सौदा या मूल्यवान डील। यह एक अंग्रेजी वाक्यांश है जो किसी को व्यापार, खरीददारी या किसी अन्य संबंध में मूल्यवान और सुविधाजनक डील करने के बारे में बताता है।

“A good deal” means any favorable agreement or valuable transaction. It is an English phrase that refers to offering someone a good and convenient deal in business, shopping or any other dealings.

What is the meaning of “a good deal”?

“A good deal” means something that has a favorable value, is a profitable or beneficial transaction or agreement, or a worthwhile purchase or investment.

Usage of “a good deal”

The phrase “a good deal” is commonly used in informal conversations, especially in American English. It is often used to convey satisfaction or to express that something is worth the effort, time, or money.

Examples of “a good deal” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “I got this phone for half its original price, which is definitely a good deal.” (मैंने इस फोन को उसकी मूल कीमत के आधे में ख़रीदा, जो कि निश्चित रूप से एक अच्छा सौदा है।)
  2. “Going to that seminar was a good deal for me as I learned a lot about the industry.” (उस सेमिनार में जाना मेरे लिए अच्छा सौदा था क्योंकि मैं उस उद्योग के बारे में बहुत कुछ सीखा।)
  3. “Buying clothes in bulk can save you a good deal of money.” (थोक में कपड़े खरीदना आपको बहुत सारे पैसे बचा सकता है।)

How to Respond to “a good deal”?

When someone mentions getting “a good deal,” you can respond by congratulating them or showing interest in what they bought, sold or acquired. You could say, “Wow, that’s an amazing bargain, you’re a smart shopper!” or “That sounds like a valuable investment.” It can also be appropriate to ask for more details, such as “Where did you get that deal?” or “How did you manage to negotiate that?”

Translating “a good deal” into Hindi

“A good deal” का हिंदी में अनुवाद “एक अच्छा सौदा” या “मूल्यवान सौदा” होता है। यह व्यापार, खरीददारी या कुछ अन्य संबंधों में मूल्यवान एवं सुविधाजनक सौदे से संबंधित है।

The Hindi translation of “a good deal” is “एक अच्छा सौदा” or “मूल्यवान सौदा”. It refers to valuable and convenient transactions related to business, shopping, or any other dealings.

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