“Get fresh” एक व्यावहारिक अंग्रेजी अभिव्यक्ति है जो आमतौर पर उन लोगों के लिए उपयोग की जाती है जिन्हें अपने व्यवहार में सुधार की ज़रूरत होती है। यह अक्सर किसी व्यक्ति के लिए उपयोग किया जाता है जो किसी से वास्तविक या मानसिक रूप से आत्मसम्मान का उल्लंघन कर रहा हो।”

“Get fresh” is a colloquial expression in English that is commonly used for those who need to improve their behavior. It is often used for a person who is violating someone’s dignity or self-respect either physically or mentally.”

What does “get fresh” mean?

“Get fresh” is a phrase often used to advise someone who is overstepping their boundaries, especially if they are behaving inappropriately or rudely, to stop doing so. It can also be used to imply that someone is acting overly bold or using language that is too familiar, bordering on disrespect or harassment.

Usage of “get fresh”

The phrase “get fresh” is commonly used in casual conversations between friends or peers, especially in American English. It is not considered appropriate for formal or professional settings, particularly because it can be perceived as impolite due to its confrontational tone and the implication that the person being addressed has crossed a line or disrespected someone.

Examples of “get fresh” in a sentence in English and its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “Hey, I told you to stop touching me. Don’t get fresh!” (अरे, मैंने तुमसे कहा था कि मुझे छूने से रोक दो। जल्दी से थोड़ी ऊँगली मत करो!)
  2. “I don’t appreciate you using that tone with me, don’t get fresh!” (मुझे नहीं पसंद है कि तुम मेरे संग उस तरीके से बोल रहे हो, जल्दी से वहाँ से हटो!)
  3. “If you keep trying to hit on me, I’m going to have to tell the bartender to make you stop. Don’t get fresh!” (अगर तुम मुझ पर निशाना बना कर खड़े रहते हो तो मैं बारटेंडर को बुलाना पड़ेगा, जल्दी से धमपाना बंद करो!)

How to Respond to “get fresh”?

The best way to respond to someone using the phrase “get fresh” is to assess whether your behavior was truly inappropriate or offensive, and to apologize and adjust your behavior if necessary. You could say something like, “I’m sorry if I crossed a line. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” If you genuinely believe that the other person has misunderstood your behavior or that it was not inappropriate, you could calmly explain your perspective.

Translating “get fresh” into Hindi

There is no accurate translation for “get fresh” in Hindi. However, to advise someone to stop overstepping their boundaries or to stop behaving rudely, you could say “बहुत ऊँगली करना बंद करो” (bahut ungli karna band karo) which means “stop pushing it too far” or “संभवतः आप भावुक नहीं हो सकते हैं” (sambhavatah aap bhavuk nahi ho sakte hain) which means “you cannot possibly be so insensitive.”

“get fresh” का हिंदी में सीधा अनुवाद नहीं होता है। हालांकि, किसी को बताने के लिए कि वह अपनी सीमाओं को पार करना बंद करे या दुर्व्यवहार करना बंद करे, आप “बहुत ऊँगली करना बंद करो” (bahut ungli karna band karo) जैसा कुछ कह सकते हैं जो “ज्यादा करना बंद करो” का अर्थ करता है या फिर “संभवतः आप भावुक नहीं हो सकते हैं” (sambhavatah aap bhavuk nahi ho sakte hain) जो “आप जितने संवेदनशील नहीं हो सकते” का अर्थ करता है।

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