hard of hearing: MEANING IN HINDI & ENGLISH

अंग्रेजी में “hard of hearing” एक संगीत कार्यक्रम, बहस प्रतियोगिता या अन्य किसी आयोजन में प्रतिस्पर्धा में भाग न लेने के समान लगता है। यह शब्दों को लेकर एक अर्थ है जो वहां नहीं होना चाहिए।

The phrase “hard of hearing” is an idiomatic expression used to describe someone with a hearing loss. It suggests that the person has difficulty hearing, but not a complete loss of the sense.

What does “hard of hearing” mean?

“Hard of hearing” is a phrase used to describe someone with a hearing loss. It typically implies that the person has some degree of difficulty hearing, but not a complete loss of the sense. It is often used as a more polite or sensitive alternative to “deaf.”

Usage of “hard of hearing”

The phrase “hard of hearing” is a way to describe someone with a hearing loss without using the more blunt term “deaf.” It is considered a more sensitive and respectful way to discuss hearing loss. This phrase is often used in medical contexts, but can also be used in casual conversation or in polite company.

Examples of “hard of hearing” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “Grandpa is hard of hearing, so please speak up when you talk to him.” (दादाजी की सुनने में दिकत होती है, तो कृपया जब आप उनसे बात करते हैं तो अपनी आवाज़ बढ़ाएँ।)
  2. “She’s been hard of hearing for years, but refuses to get a hearing aid.” (वह सालों से सुन ही नहीं पाती है, लेकिन वह एक सुनने के उपकरण नहीं खरीदना चाहती।)
  3. “The concert is not suitable for those who are hard of hearing.” (कार्यक्रम उन लोगों के लिए उपयुक्त नहीं है, जो सुनने में दिक्कत हो रही है।)

How to Respond to “hard of hearing”?

If someone has identified themselves as “hard of hearing,” it is important to speak clearly and face them directly. Avoid shouting, as it can distort the sound making it more difficult to understand. You can also use simple sentences and repeat information as needed. It is also appropriate to ask if they need any accommodations like an interpreter or a hearing aid.

Translating “hard of hearing” into Hindi

The phrase “hard of hearing” can be translated into Hindi as “सुनने में कठिनाई अनुभव करना” (sunne mein kathinaai anubhav karna) or “सुनने की क्षमता में कमी होना” (sunne ki kshamata mein kami hona). These phrases both mean experiencing difficulty hearing.

“Hard of hearing” शब्द हिंदी में “सुनने की क्षमता में कमी होने” या “सुनने में कठिनाई अनुभव करने” के रूप में अनुवादित किया जा सकता है। अमेरिका के साथ ब्रिटेन में इसमें कुछ अंतर हो सकता है।

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