“Israeli” Meaning in Hindi

“Israeli” is a word used to describe something or someone related to Israel, which is a country in the Middle East. It could refer to the language, culture, or people of Israel.

Synonyms of “Israeli”

As “Israeli” is a term used to define a specific nationality, there are no direct synonyms for it. However, some related terms are:

  • Israelite
  • Hebrew
  • Jewish
  • Zionist

Antonyms of “Israeli”

As “Israeli” is a nationality, there are no direct antonyms for it.

Examples of “Israeli” in a sentence in English and Its Meaning in Hindi:

  1. The Israeli government has announced new policies on immigration. (इज़रायली सरकार ने आव्रजन के बारे में नई नीतियों की घोषणा की है।)
  2. He speaks fluent Israeli. (वह इज़रायली भाषा में बातचीत करता है।)
  3. The Israeli cuisine is known for its flavors and spices. (इज़रायली खाने की विशेषता उसकी मसालों और स्वादों में होती है।)
  4. The Israeli army has a reputation for being one of the strongest in the world. (इज़रायली सेना दुनिया में सबसे मजबूत सेनाओं में से एक होने के नाम से मशहूर है।)
  5. He immigrated to Israel and is now an Israeli citizen. (उसने इज़रायल में आव्रजन कर लिया है और अब एक इज़रायली नागरिक है।)