“themselves” Meaning in Hindi

“Themselves” is a reflexive pronoun used to refer to the same people, animals, or things that were previously mentioned or implied. It is the plural form of “himself” or “herself” and indicates that the action of the verb is being performed by or to the same group of people, animals, or things previously mentioned. In Hindi, “themselves” can be translated as “खुद या खुद बारे में”.

Synonyms(समानार्थक) of “themselves”

There are no direct synonyms for the word “themselves”, but some other reflexive pronouns include:

  • Himself
  • Herself
  • Itself

Antonyms(विलोम) of “themselves”

The antonym of “themselves” is “others”.

Examples of “themselves” in a sentence in English and Its Meaning in Hindi:

  1. The children cooked the food all by themselves. (बच्चे खाना खुद ही पका लिया।)
  2. They always talk amongst themselves. (वे हमेशा अपने बीच बातें करते रहते हैं।)
  3. The athletes competed against themselves in the time trial. (खिलाड़ी समय की परीक्षण और अपनी ही खुद की प्रतिस्पर्धा करते थे।)
  4. The couple enjoyed spending time by themselves on their honeymoon. (जोड़ा अपने हनीमून पर अकेले वक्त बिताने का आनंद लिया।)
  5. They blamed themselves for the mistake. (उन्होंने गलती के लिए अपने आप को दोष दिया।)