“why” Meaning in Hindi

“Why” is an English word that means asking for a reason or explanation. It is generally used to question or inquire about a cause or purpose of an event, action or statement.

Synonyms of “Why”

English Hindi
Wherefore क्योंकि
Reason कारण
Motive प्रयोजन
Grounds आधार
Cause कारण

Antonyms of “Why”

English Hindi
Answer जवाब
Solution समाधान
Conclusion निष्कर्ष
Ending समाप्ति
Result परिणाम

Examples of “Why” in a sentence in English and Its Meaning in Hindi:

  1. Why did you leave the party early last night? (कल रात क्यों आपने पार्टी जल्दी छोड़ दी?)
  2. I wonder why she never called me back. (मुझे हैरानी होती है कि वह मुझे कभी वापस कॉल नहीं करती है।)
  3. Why is the sky blue? (आसमान नीला क्यों होता है?)
  4. He asked me why I was crying. (उसने मुझसे पूछा कि मैं क्यों रो रही थी।)
  5. Why did you change your mind about going to the concert? (आप कॉन्सर्ट जाने के बारे में अपने फैसले को क्यों बदल दिया?)