Act Of God: Meaning in Hindi & English

The phrase “act of God” is used to refer to a natural disaster or an event that is beyond human control. In legal terms, it refers to an occurrence that happens because of natural causes and no one can be held responsible for it. The term “act of God” does not have any religious connotations and refers only to events that are natural and unexpected.

शब्दांश “act of God” का उपयोग प्राकृतिक आपदा या एक ऐसी घटना के लिए किया जाता है जो मानव नियंत्रण से पार है। विधिक शब्दों में, इससे प्रकृति के कारण हुई घटनाओं को दर्ज किया जाता है और उनके लिए किसी को ज़िम्मेदार ठहराया नहीं जा सकता। “Act of God” शब्दों में कोई धर्मात्मक भावनाएँ शामिल नहीं होती हैं और सिर्फ प्राकृतिक और अनपेक्षित घटनाओं से संबंधित होती हैं।

What is an “act of God”?

An “act of God” refers to a natural disaster or an unforeseeable event that is beyond human control. This can include earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters. “Act of God” is a legal term used in contracts and insurance policies to describe events that are not caused by human action or negligence, but rather by natural causes.

“Act of God” can also refer to events that are unexpected and not related to natural disasters, such as a sudden illness or death.

“Act of God” is sometimes used synonymously with the phrase “force majeure,” which means a superior or irresistible force.

Note: The use of this term may be controversial and is sometimes criticized for its lack of sensitivity and overtones of religious language.

Examples of “act of God” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “The company is not responsible for any damages caused by an act of God, such as a flood or earthquake.” (कंपनी को किसी भी क्षति के लिए ज़िम्मेदार नहीं ठहराया जा सकता जो भूकंप या बाढ़ जैसी एक भगवान की गतिविधि के कारण हुआ हो।)
  2. “The concert was cancelled due to an act of God, a severe thunderstorm.” (कॉन्सर्ट प्रकृति की गतिविधि, एक भीषण टॉर्नाडो के कारण रद्द किया गया था।)
  3. “The insurance policy covers damages from fire, theft, and acts of God.” (बीमा नीति आग, चोरी और भगवान की गतिविधियों से होने वाले क्षति को शामिल करती है।)
  4. “The airline was not liable for the flight delay caused by an act of God, a volcanic eruption.” (एक भगवान की गतिविधि, एक ज्वालामुखी फूटने के कारण होने वाली उड़ान की देरी के लिए हवाई जहाज ज़िम्मेदार नहीं था।)

Translating “act of God” into Hindi

The Hindi equivalent of “act of God” is “भगवान का कार्य” (Bhagwan ka kary), which means “God’s work.”

“भगवान का कार्य” का हिंदी अनुवाद “act of God” होता है।

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