As Easy As Pie: Meaning in Hindi & English

The idiom “as easy as pie” means that something is very easy to do. The phrase may seem strange, as making a pie from scratch can be a difficult and complex process. However, the phrase likely comes from the idea that once a pie is baked and ready to eat, it is very easy and enjoyable to consume.

“As easy as pie” का मतलब होता है कि कुछ करना बहुत आसान है। पाई को शुरू से बनाना एक कठिन और जटिल प्रक्रिया हो सकती है, जो कि यह बोलते समय थोड़ा अजीब लग सकती है। हालांकि, इस बात का मतलब यह है कि जब पाई पक जाती है और खाने के लिए तैयार होती है, तो इसे खाना बहुत आसान और मजेदार होता है।

What is “as easy as pie”?

“As easy as pie” is an idiomatic expression that describes something as being very easy to do. While the origins of the phrase may seem strange, it has become a commonly used phrase in English.

Usage of “as easy as pie”?

“As easy as pie” is used when describing a task or activity that is simple and effortless to accomplish. It is often used in everyday conversation and can be applied to a wide range of situations.

Examples of “as easy as pie” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “After I learned how to ride a bike, it was as easy as pie.” (जब मैंने साइकल चलाना सीख लिया तब वह मुश्किल नहीं था.)
  2. “Don’t worry, fixing this problem will be as easy as pie.” (टंटा ठीक करना बहुत आसान होगा, चिंता मत करो.)
  3. “I finished my homework in 20 minutes, it was as easy as pie.” (मैंने अपना होमवर्क 20 मिनट में खत्म कर दिया, बहुत आसान था.)
  4. “The instructions for this recipe were as easy as pie.” (इस रेसिपी के लिए निर्देश बहुत सरल थे.)
  5. “I thought fixing my computer would be difficult, but it was as easy as pie.” (मैंने सोचा कि मेरे कंप्यूटर को ठीक करना कठिन होगा, लेकिन यह बहुत आसान था.)

Translating “as easy as pie” into Hindi

In Hindi, there are a few similar idiomatic expressions that convey the same meaning as “as easy as pie.” One such phrase is “आसान परेंट्स के बच्चे” (Aasaan parents ke bacche), which translates to “easy for the children of easy parents.”

हिंदी में, “As easy as pie” जैसे मुहावरे को समझाने के लिए कुछ समरूपी मुहावरे हैं। इनमें से एक फ़्रेज “आसान परेंट्स के बच्चे” (Aasaan parents ke bacche) है, जो “सोचने में आसान बच्चों के आसान माता-पिता” का अनुवाद होता है।

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