Upside Down: Meaning in Hindi & English

The idiom “Upside Down” means to be turned or flipped over so that the opposite side or surface is facing up or out. In a metaphorical sense, it can refer to a state of chaos, confusion, or disorder.

मुहावरा “Upside Down” बदल जाने का अर्थ होता है, जैसे की कुछ ऊपर नीचे हो जाए और उसकी उल्टी तरफ ऊपर की ओर देखने को मिले। एक रूप में, यह एक उलझन, भ्रम या बेतरतीब हालत को दर्शाता है।

What is “Upside Down”?

“Upside Down” is an idiom that can be used both literally and metaphorically. In a literal sense, it describes a physical orientation in which the top or upper surface is facing down or vice versa. In a metaphorical sense, it can describe a situation in which things are turned or flipped over, resulting in disarray, confusion or chaos.

Usage of “Upside Down”?

The use of “Upside Down” may vary depending on the context. It can be used in a literal sense to describe something that is physically turned over, such as a flipped-over car or an upside-down cake. On the other hand, it can be used in a figurative sense to describe something that is turned or flipped over in a more abstract sense, such as a person’s life being turned upside down by unexpected events or a company’s finances being turned upside down due to poor decisions.

Examples of “Upside Down” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “The vase fell off the table and landed upside down on the floor.” (फूलदान मेज़ से गिर गया और फिर फर्श पर उल्टा लटक गया।)
  2. “After the earthquake, the entire city was turned upside down.” (भूकंप के बाद, पूरी शहर में बेतरतीबी हो गई थी।)
  3. “Her life was turned upside down when she lost her job and her husband left her.” (जब उसे नौकरी और उसके पति से तलाक हुआ, तब उसका जीवन उलटा-सीधा हो गया था।)
  4. “The magician turned the hat upside down and pulled out a rabbit.” (जादूगर ने हैट उल्टे कर दी और एक खरगोश निकाल लिया।)
  5. “When the wind knocked the tree over, its roots were upside down.” (जब हवा वृक्ष को गिरा दी, तो इसकी जड़ें उल्टे हुए थीं।)

Translating “Upside Down” into Hindi

“Upside Down” का हिंदी में कोई सीधा अनुवाद नहीं होता है, लेकिन “उलटा-सीधा” (Ulta-Seedha) एक स्थिति का वर्णन करने के लिए उपयुक्त हो सकता है, जो कि अस्तव्यस्तता, भ्रम या उलझन का वर्णन करता है।

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