अंग्रेजी में “ask for it” एक अंग्रेजी कहावत है जिसे कहा जाता है जब कोई किसी कारण वश किसी खतरे में फंस जाता है और चाहता है कि उसे दूसरों की मदद और सहायता के बिना बचाया जाए। इस अभिप्राय के लिए इस कहावत का उपयोग किया जाता है।

The phrase “ask for it” is an English proverb used when someone is in trouble due to their own actions and wants to be rescued without the help and assistance of others. This saying is used for this intention.

What does “ask for it” mean?

The phrase “ask for it” generally means that someone is in trouble due to their own actions, and now they want others to rescue them without taking the responsibility for their actions. It is mostly used as an idiom.

Usage of “ask for it”

The phrase “ask for it” is generally used in informal conversations between friends and colleagues in various situations where someone puts themselves in a dangerous or difficult position and now expects others to help them out.

Examples of “ask for it” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “You left the door unlocked, and now the cat escaped. You really asked for it.” (तुम ने दरवाजा खोला चोट।फिर बिना किसी की मदद के कोशिश किया।)
  2. “If you don’t study for the exam, you’re asking for trouble.” (अगर आप परीक्षा के लिए नहीं पढ़ते हैं तो आप मुसीबत के लिए अपने सिर पर बैठते हैं।)
  3. “You keep talking back to your boss; you’re asking to get fired.” (तुम ने अपने बॉस से बार-बार तंग आ रहे हो; आगे जा कर संभवतः तुम्हें तटस्थ करदिया जायेगा।)

How to Respond to “ask for it”?

When someone uses the phrase “ask for it,” it is usually appropriate to make them realize their mistake and to offer help to get out of the situation, but the person should also own up to their mistake and try not to repeat it. A response could be “Yes, I made a mistake, and I will try to rectify it” or “Thanks for offering to help, I will try not to depend on others next time.”

Translating “ask for it” into Hindi

The direct Hindi translation of “ask for it” is इसके लिए कहा। However, to convey the exact meaning, you could say “जो साँकें बोयेगा, वह पानी ही पानी काटेगा” (Jo sanken boyega, woh pani hi pani katega), which translates to “You will get what you sow.”

“Ask for it” का सीधा हिंदी अनुवाद “इसके लिए कहा” होता है। हालांकि, इसका सही अर्थ संदेश पहुँचाने के लिए, आप “जो साँकें बोयेगा, वह पानी ही पानी काटेगा” भी कह सकते हैं, जो “जैसे आप बोयेंगे वैसा ही फल मिलेगा” का अर्थ होता है।

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