शराब का अत्यधिक सेवन, भागीदारी, उच्चाकुलता या अध्यवसाय को प्रभावित करने के लिए कहा जाता है। इस अभिव्यक्ति में एक ऐसी अप्रिय गतिविधि का आभास होता है जो अक्सर हानिकारक और अनुपयुक्त मानी जाती है।

The term “booze can” is used to indicate excessive consumption of alcohol that can adversely affect participation in a task or profession. This expression suggests an unpleasant activity that is often considered harmful and inappropriate.

What does “booze can” mean?

“Booze can” is a colloquial phrase that refers to the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption on an individual’s ability to participate in a task or perform their profession. It suggests a situation that is unpleasant and considered inappropriate or harmful.

Usage of “booze can”

The phrase “booze can” is mostly used in informal conversations between friends or peers, especially in North America. It can be used to describe situations where excessive alcohol consumption has led to negative consequences, such as a hangover or a poor performance at work or school.

Examples of “booze can” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “He got so drunk last night that he’s a total booze can this morning.” (उसने कल रात इतना नशा किया कि वह आज सुबह पूरी तरह से गुदगुदा हो रहा है।)
  2. “I have to be careful not to become a booze can during the busy season at work.” (मुझे अपने काम के व्यस्त समय में नशेड़ी न होना होगा।)
  3. “Her drinking habits have turned her into a booze can.” (उसकी पिने की आदत उसे नशेड़ी बना दी है।)

How to Respond to “booze can”?

If someone is referred to as a “booze can,” it is important to approach the situation with sensitivity and understanding, especially if the person is struggling with an addiction or dependency. Responses could include expressing concern for the person’s well-being or offering support and resources to help them address their drinking habits.

Translating “booze can” into Hindi

There is no exact translation for “booze can” in Hindi. However, to describe excessive drinking that leads to negative consequences, you could say “नशा करना” (Nasha karna) or “मद्यपान करना” (Madyapan karna), both translating to “to consume alcohol excessively.”

“booze can” का हिंदी में एक सीधा अनुवाद नहीं होता है। हालांकि, नकारात्मक परिणामों के साथ बेहद नशीली दवा के सेवन का वर्णन करने के लिए आप “नशा करना” (Nasha karna) या “मद्यपान करना” (Madyapan karna) कह सकते हैं, दोनों का अर्थ होता है अत्यधिक शराब की सेवा करना।

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