go to the wall: MEANING IN HINDI & ENGLISH

वाक्यांश “go to the wall” एक अंग्रेजी मुहावरा है जो असफलता या नुकसान के सामने उदास और हताशा को व्यक्त करता है। इस मुहावरे का प्रयोग लोग अक्सर संगठनों, व्यापार और आर्थिक स्थितियों में करते हैं। यह एक पुराना मुहावरा है जिसका इतिहास सिर्फ उस व्यक्ति तक ही सीमित था जो दीवार के साथ संघर्ष कर रहा होता है।

The phrase “go to the wall” is an English idiom that expresses sadness and despair in the face of failure or loss. This idiom is often used in organizational, business, and economic situations. It is an old phrase, and its history is limited only to the person struggling against the wall.

What does “go to the wall” mean?

“Go to the wall” is an idiom that means to suffer a serious loss or to be defeated completely in a competition or struggle. It also means to sacrifice oneself for the benefit of others.

Usage of “go to the wall”

The phrase “go to the wall” is often used in organizational or economic situations where one party may suffer a loss or defeat. It is also used in sports or other competitive settings. Additionally, this idiom can be used to describe someone who sacrifices their own interests or well-being to help others.

Examples of “go to the wall” in a sentence and its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “Our company will go to the wall if we don’t secure a new investor soon.” (हमारी कंपनी जल्द ही किसी नए निवेशक को सुनिश्चित नहीं करती है तो हमें लाखों रुपए का नुकसान हो सकता है।)
  2. “He went to the wall for his friends, even though it meant sacrificing his own happiness.” (वह अपने दोस्तों के लिए जान भी दे देता, चाहे उससे अपनी खुशियां और सुख भी जाएं।)
  3. “The team went to the wall in the championship game, losing by a score of 40-0.” (टीम चैंपियनशिप गेम में हार कर, 40-0 स्कोर से हार के मौके पर खत्म हुई।)

How to Respond to “go to the wall”?

When someone talks about going to the wall or describes a situation where someone has gone to the wall, it is appropriate to express empathy and offer support. A response could be to say, “I am sorry to hear that” or “Is there anything I can do to help?” Remember to be compassionate and understanding, especially if the person is going through a difficult time.

Translating “go to the wall” into Hindi

“Go to the wall” का हिंदी में सीधा अनुवाद नहीं होता है। हालांकि, किसी की हानि या असफलता का वर्णन करने के लिए आप “नुकसान सहन करना” (nukasaan sahan karnaa), “पराजित हो जाना” (paraajit ho jaanaa), “असफल हो जाना” (asaphal ho jaanaa), आदि के वाक्य प्रयोग कर सकते हैं।

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