granny dumping: MEANING IN HINDI & ENGLISH

ग्रैनी डंपिंग का तात्पर्य होता है वृद्धावस्था के व्यक्ति को कुछ अन्य स्थान पर छोड़ देना जहा उनकी देखभाल, संरक्षण और उनकी आवश्यकताओं की देखभाल नहीं होती है। यह सामाजिक नैतिकता के ख़लल के रूप में माना जाता है।

Granny dumping refers to leaving an elderly person at a place other than their home where they do not receive the care, protection, and attention that they need. It is considered a violation of social morality.

What does “granny dumping” mean?

“Granny dumping” is a term used to describe the practice of leaving an elderly person, often a grandparent or someone without a caregiver, in a public place such as a hospital, nursing home, or on the streets. This is often done because the person responsible for their care is not able or willing to take care of them, and they feel overwhelmed or unable to provide adequate care. It is a form of elder abuse and neglect.

Usage of “granny dumping”

The term “granny dumping” is used primarily in discussions about elder abuse and neglect. It is not a formally recognized legal term, but it is used to describe a serious problem in many countries, including India. Family members, volunteers, and caregivers must be aware of their responsibilities toward the elderly and provide them with proper care and support.

Examples of “granny dumping” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “The family abandoned their elderly grandmother at the bus station, leaving her with nowhere to go. This is a clear case of granny dumping.” (परिवार ने अपनी बुजुर्ग दादी को बस स्टेशन पर छोड़ दिया, जहां उन्हें जाने की कोई जगह नहीं थी| यह एक स्पष्ट उदाहरण है ग्रैनी डंपिंग का।)
  2. “The nursing home was found guilty of granny dumping several residents on the street in the middle of the night.” (नर्सिंग होम को गिनती में ग्रैनी डंपिंग के अनेक निवासियों को रात के बीच में सड़क पर छोड़ने का आरोप ठहराया गया।)
  3. “Volunteers organized a protest against the city council for neglecting the issue of granny dumping in their area.” (स्वयंसेवकों ने शहर परिषद के खिलाफ एक विरोध प्रदर्शन आयोजित किया ग्रैनी डंपिंग के मुद्दे को उनके क्षेत्र में उपेक्षित करने के लिए।)

How to Respond to “granny dumping”?

Granny dumping is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly. If you witness or suspect someone of committing this act, it is important to report it to the authorities immediately. The elderly deserve proper care and respect, and no one should be left helpless and alone.

Translating “granny dumping” into Hindi

“Granny dumping” का हिंदी में अनुवाद “बुजुर्ग फेंक देना” या “बुजुर्गों को छोड़ना” हो सकता है। यह एक सामाजिक नैतिकता के ख़लल को दर्शाता है।

The direct translation of “granny dumping” in Hindi could be “बुजुर्ग फेंक देना” or “बुजुर्गों को छोड़ना.” It carries the connotation of violating social morality.

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