“whom” Meaning in Hindi

“Whom” is a pronoun in English language which is used to refer to the object of a verb or preposition. It is used in formal writing or when specifying the recipient of an action.

Synonyms of “Whom”

English Hindi
Who कौन
Them उन्हें
Her उसे
Him उसे
That वह

Antonyms of “Whom”

English Hindi
Who कौन
What क्या
Which कौन सा

Examples of “Whom” in a sentence in English and Its Meaning in Hindi:

  1. Whom did you meet yesterday? (आपने कल किससे मिला था?)
  2. With whom are you going to the party? (तुम पार्टी में किसके साथ जा रहे हो?)
  3. Whom did he ask for help? (उसने किससे मदद के लिए पूछा था?)
  4. To whom were you speaking just now? (तुम अभी किससे बात कर रहे थे?)
  5. With whom will you be working on the project? (आप परियोजना पर किसके साथ काम करेंगे।)