Burst At The Seams: Meaning in Hindi & English

The idiom “burst at the seams” is used to describe something that is excessively full or crowded, to the point of breaking apart or exploding. This can refer to physical objects or situations that are overloaded with people, things or emotions, and unable to contain them anymore.

अंग्रेज़ी में “burst at the seams” का उपयोग कुछ ऐसी चीज़ों को वर्णित करने के लिए किया जाता है जो अत्यधिक भरी होती हैं या अत्यधिक भीड़ घनी होती है, ताकि इन्हें टूटने और फटने के सामने खड़ा होना पड़े। यह वस्तुएँ, स्थितियाँ या ज़रूरतें हो सकती हैं जो लोगों, चीज़ों या भावनाओं से अधिक भरी होती हैं और इन्हें अब और नहीं संभाला जा सकता।

What is “burst at the seams”?

“Burst at the seams” is an idiom that describes a situation or physical object that is excessively full or overcrowded. The phrase implies that this overloaded state is unsustainable and could potentially result in a catastrophic failure, such as bursting apart or exploding.

Usage of “burst at the seams”?

“Burst at the seams” can be used figuratively to describe a variety of situations where there is an excessive amount of something, such as a crowded room, a tightly packed suitcase or a person who is overwhelmed with emotions. It can also be used to describe a physical object that is unable to contain its contents any longer and has reached its breaking point.

Examples of “burst at the seams” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “The concert was so popular that the venue was bursting at the seams with enthusiastic fans.” (कॉन्सर्ट इतना लोकप्रिय था कि स्थान उत्साही फैंस से भरा हुआ था।)
  2. “After days of shopping, my suitcase was bursting at the seams with new clothes.” (खरीदारी के दिनों के बाद, मेरा सूटकेस नए कपड़ों से भरा हुआ था।)
  3. “The little girl was so excited about her birthday party that she felt like she was bursting at the seams with joy.” (छोटी सी लड़की अपने बर्थडे पार्टी के लिए इतनी उत्सुक थी कि वह अपनी खुशी से खिसक रही थी।)
  4. “The company grew so quickly that its offices were bursting at the seams and they had to expand into a larger space.” (कंपनी इतनी तेजी से बढ़ गई कि उसके कार्यालय तक भी पहुँचने में ही मुश्किल हुई थी और वे एक बड़े जगह में विस्तार करने के लिए बढ़ गए।)
  5. “The dam was built so well that it could contain the river even when it was bursting at the seams with water.” (बांध को इतने अच्छी तरह से बनाया गया था कि यह पानी से भरने के समय भी नदी को संभाल सकता था।)

How to Respond to “burst at the seams”?

There is no specific response required when someone uses the idiom “burst at the seams.” However, if you are in a situation that is overly full or crowded, you may want to try to alleviate the situation by finding a way to make more space or reduce the number of people or things present.

Translating “burst at the seams” into Hindi

Hindi translation of “burst at the seams” could be “भीड़ से भरा हुआ” (Bheed se bhara hua) or “अत्यधिक भरा हुआ” (Atyadhik bhara hua).

भाववाचक शब्द “burst at the seams” का हिंदी अनुवाद “भीड़ से भरा हुआ” (Bheed se bhara hua) या “अत्यधिक भरा हुआ” (Atyadhik bhara hua) हो सकता है।

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