Can’T Judge A Book By Its Cover: Meaning in Hindi & English

The idiom “Can’t judge a book by its cover” means that you cannot judge the true value or character of a person or thing just by its external appearance. In other words, appearances can be deceptive, and it is important to look beyond superficial qualities to really understand someone or something.

इस मुहावरे का हिंदी अनुवाद है कि एक वस्तु या व्यक्ति के बारे में केवल उसकी बाहरी दिखावट से उसके वास्तविक मूल्य या चरित्र का अनुमान नहीं लगाया जा सकता। अर्थात्, बाहरी चमक-दमक को नहीं देख कर हर वस्तु या व्यक्ति को समझना उसकी सही पहचान नहीं होती।

What is “Can’t judge a book by its cover”?

“Can’t judge a book by its cover” is an idiom that basically means that appearances can be deceiving and one should not form opinions about anything or anyone just based on their external appearance alone.

Usage of “Can’t judge a book by its cover”?

This idiom is often used in situations where people are making snap judgments or where someone is trying to make an impression by presenting themselves in a certain way. It can also be applied to products, events or situations, where one should not make conclusions based on their initial impressions or appearances alone.

Examples of “Can’t judge a book by its cover” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “You might think he’s shy because he’s not very talkative, but he’s actually very confident when you get to know him. You can’t judge a book by its cover.” (आप सोच सकते हैं कि वह बातचीत में अधिक शर्मीला है, लेकिन असल में जब आप उसको जानते हैं तब वह बहुत आत्मविश्वासी होता है। आप उसकी बाहरी दिखावट के आधार पर उसे जान नहीं सकते।)
  2. “I wasn’t sure about this restaurant when I first saw it because it’s in an old building, but the food is actually amazing. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover.” (मैं पहले इस रेस्तरां के बारे में समझ नहीं पा रहा थी क्योंकि यह एक पुरानी इमारत में है, लेकिन यहां का खाना वास्तव में शानदार है। शायद हम भ्रमित हो जाते हैं अपनी पहली नज़र से ही।)
  3. “I didn’t think much of him when I met him, but now that I know him better, I realize he’s a really good person. I guess you really can’t judge a book by its cover.” (जब मैंने उससे मिला था तो मुझे उससे कुछ खास उम्मीद नहीं थी, लेकिन अब जब मैं उसे अधिक अच्छी तरह से जानता हूँ, तो सोचती हूं कि आप कभी किसी वस्तु या व्यक्ति के बारे में उसके बाहरी दिखावट पर आधारित अनुमान नहीं लगा सकते।)
  4. “The house looked old and small from the outside, but it was actually very spacious inside. I learned then that you can’t judge a book by its cover.” (घर बाहर से पुराना और छोटा लग रहा था, लेकिन अंदर से वह बहुत बड़ा था। उस समय मैंने सीखा कि आप वास्तविक वस्तु के बारे में कभी उसकी बाहरी दिखावट पर निर्णय नहीं लगा सकते।)
  5. “The job posting said they were looking for someone with 10 years of experience, but when I applied, they were impressed by my skills and hired me. I guess you really can’t judge a book by its cover.” (नौकरी के लिए पोस्टिंग में लिखा था कि वे किसी को 10 वर्ष का अनुभव वाला खोज रहे हैं, लेकिन जब मैंने आवेदन दिया, तब मेरी कौशलों पर प्रभावित हो गए थे और मुझे नौकरी मिल गई। शायद बहुत बार हम फ़ेसद के बाहर दिखने के आधार पर लोगों को विचार नहीं देते हैं।)

How to Respond to “Can’t judge a book by its cover”?

If someone uses this idiom in conversation, it is usually used as a reminder that there may be more to a person or situation than initially meets the eye. It is a good idea to keep an open mind and not to make judgments based solely on appearances.

Translating “Can’t judge a book by its cover” into Hindi

The Hindi equivalent of “Can’t judge a book by its cover” is “बाहरी दिखावट से किसी वस्तु या व्यक्ति की पहचान नहीं की जा सकती।” (Bahari dikhāvaṭ se kisī vastu yā vyakti kī pahachān nahī̃ kī jā sakatī), which means exactly the same thing.

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