On The Line: Meaning in Hindi & English

The idiom “On the line” refers to a situation where something important is at stake or being risked. In English, the phrase can be used to describe a situation where someone’s job, reputation, or even life is on the line, meaning their future or well-being is in jeopardy.

“On the line” का मुहावरा एक ऐसी स्थिति को दर्शाता है जहाँ कुछ महत्वपूर्ण बातें खतरे में होती हैं और खोखले पड़ रही हों। हिंदी में इस वाक्यांश को “खतरे में” या “जोखिम में” भी कहा जा सकता है, जिससे यह स्पष्ट होता है कि किसी के भविष्य या भविष्य की देखरेख पर खतरा खड़ा है।

What does “On the line” mean?

“On the line” means that there is something of great importance at stake or being risked. It can be a person’s job, reputation, or even their life that is in danger. In short, it is a situation where the outcome could have a significant impact on someone’s future or well-being.

Usage of “On the line”?

“On the line” can be used in various situations where something important is being risked. For example:

  • “The CEO’s job was on the line after the company’s latest financial results”
  • “The athlete’s reputation was on the line as he prepared for the championship”
  • “The soldier’s life was on the line during the battle”

Examples of “On the Line” in a sentence and its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “I have to give my best performance tonight, my entire career is on the line.” (मैं आज रात अपने सबसे अच्छे प्रदर्शन को देना है, मेरा सारा करियर खतरे में है।)
  2. “The success of the project is on the line, we need to work harder.” (परियोजना की सफलता खतरे में है, हमें और मेहनत करनी होगी।)
  3. “The team’s reputation is on the line, they cannot afford to lose this match.” (टीम की अभिलाषा जोखिम में है, वे इस मैच को हार नहीं मान सकते।)

Translating “On the line” into Hindi

“On the line” का सीधा हिंदी अनुवाद “खतरे में” हो सकता है।

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