Piece Of Writing: Meaning in Hindi & English

The phrase “piece of writing” refers to any written work such as an article, essay, story, or poem. It could be a formal or informal text, academic or creative. Essentially, anything that has been written with the purpose of communication or expression can be considered a piece of writing.

वाक्यांश “piece of writing” किसी भी लेखित काम जैसे लेख, निबंध, कहानी या कविता से संबंधित होता है। यह एक औपचारिक या अनौपचारिक पाठ हो सकता है, शैक्षणिक या रचनात्मक। मूल रूप से, कम्यूनिकेशन या अभिव्यक्ति के उद्देश्य से लिखा गया कुछ भी एक “piece of writing” के रूप में वर्णित किया जा सकता है।

What is a “Piece of Writing”?

A “piece of writing” is any written work that is intended to communicate ideas, thoughts or feelings. This includes articles, essays, reports, poems, stories, reviews, and research papers. It can be formal or informal, academic or creative, and can be written in various styles and formats depending on the intended audience, purpose, and context. The primary goal of a piece of writing is to effectively convey information to the reader or audience.

Types of Writing:

There are various types of writing, including:

  • Academic Writing: Writing that is researched-based and includes essays, research papers, and reports that contribute to a field’s scholarship.
  • Journalistic Writing: Writing that involves reporting news, creating feature articles, or covering events.
  • Creative Writing: Writing that involves fiction or nonfiction pieces that focus on imaginative or expressive content.
  • Business Writing: Writing that covers topics such as proposals, business plans, and communication with clients, partners, or investors.
  • Technical Writing: Writing that involves documents on technical subjects such as instruction manuals, user guides or scientific papers.
  • Web Writing: Writing that involves writing for the internet which includes social media posts, web content, blogs, and online articles.

Examples of “Piece of Writing” in a Sentence:

  1. “The essay she wrote was a great piece of writing.”
  2. “I have to complete a piece of writing for my literature class.”
  3. “His poetry is considered a great piece of writing in the literary world.”
  4. “The newspaper article was an impressive piece of writing.”
  5. “I read a moving piece of writing about the author’s life experiences.

Translating “Piece of Writing” into Hindi:

The Hindi translation of the phrase “piece of writing” is लेख का टुकड़ा (Lekh ka tukda), where लेख (lekh) means ‘writing’ and टुकड़ा (tukda) means ‘piece’.

वाक्यांश “piece of writing” का हिंदी अनुवाद लेख का टुकड़ा (Lekh ka tukda) होता है, जहाँ लेख (lekh) का अर्थ ‘writing’ होता है और टुकड़ा (tukda) का अर्थ ‘piece’ होता है।

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