Rule Of Thumb: Meaning in Hindi & English

The idiom “Rule of Thumb” means a broadly accurate guide or principle, based on experience or practice rather than theory or science. The phrase is believed to have originated in the 17th century, where the length of a man’s thumb was used as a rough measure for objects or distances. In modern usage, “Rule of Thumb” can refer to any general principle that is easy to remember and apply in everyday situations.

“Rule of Thumb” का मतलब है कि अनुभव या अभ्यास पर आधारित एक व्यापक तौर पर सही गाइड या सिद्धांत। इस वाक्यकी उत्पत्ति 17वीं शताब्दी में हुई थी, जहाँ एक आदमी की अंगुली की लंबाई का उपयोग वस्तुओं या दूरियों के अनुमान के लिए किया जाता था। आधुनिक उपयोग में, “Rule of Thumb” हर दिन की ज़िन्दगी में याद रखने और लागू करने में आसान किसी भी सामान्य सिद्धांत को दर्शाता है।

What is “Rule of Thumb”?

“Rule of Thumb” is an idiom used to refer to a general principle or guide that is based on practical experience or observation rather than scientific or theoretical principles. It is a quick and easy way for someone to remember and apply general principles to their everyday life, work, or decision-making processes.

Usage of “Rule of Thumb”?

“Rule of Thumb” is a commonly used idiom that can be used in various contexts. It could be used to talk about anything from cooking to financial planning. Whenever a broad, general principle is being discussed, it can be referred to as a rule of thumb.

Examples of “Rule of Thumb” in a sentence in English and its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “A good rule of thumb for investing is to diversify your portfolio.” (निवेश के लिए एक अच्छे सिद्धांत का यही है कि अपनी पोर्टफोलियो को विविध बनाएं।)
  2. “As a rule of thumb, always keep a spare key hidden outside your home.” (एक सामान्य सिद्धांत के तौर पर, हमेशा अपने घर के बाहर छिपा कुंजी रखें।)
  3. “A general rule of thumb for cooking rice is to use twice as much water as rice.” (चावल पकाने के लिए एक सामान्य सिद्धांत है कि चावल से दोगुना पानी डालें।)
  4. “As a rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to save 20% of your income.” (एक सामान्य सिद्धांत के तौर पर, अपनी आय का 20% बचाना हमेशा एक अच्छा विचार है।)
  5. “A general rule of thumb for weight loss is to eat a balanced and healthy diet, and to exercise regularly.” (वजन घटाने के लिए एक सामान्य सिद्धांत है कि एक संतुलित और स्वस्थ आहार लें और नियमित रूप से व्यायाम करें।)

How to use “Rule of Thumb” in a sentence?

To use the phrase “Rule of Thumb” in a sentence, you can start by saying “As a rule of thumb,” followed by the general principle or guide that you want to discuss. For example, “As a rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to save 10% of your income for retirement.”

Translating “Rule of Thumb” into Hindi

“Rule of Thumb” का हिंदी में सीधा अनुवाद नहीं होता है। हालांकि, इसके बजाय “एक सामान्य सिद्धांत” (Ek Samanya Siddhant) या “एक आम नियम” का उपयोग किया जा सकता है जब आप किसी विस्तृत सिद्धांत के बारे में बात कर रहे हों।

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