20 Pet Animals Name in English and Hindi

Pets are one of the most loved creatures in the world. They bring joy, happiness, and unconditional love to their owners. In addition to the emotional benefits, pets are also known to provide physical health benefits to their owners. Hence, the trend of keeping pets has been growing rapidly in recent years.

Pet Animals Name in English and Hindi

20 Pet Animals Name in English and Hindi

SN Image Name in English Name in Hindi
1 Bull Bull सांड
2 Cat Cat बिल्ली
3 Cow Cow गाय
4 Dog Dog कुत्ता
5 Duck Duck बत्तख
6 Goat Goat बकरी
7 Horse Horse घोड़ा
8 Llama Llama लामा
9 Monkey Monkey बंदर
10 Pig Pig सूअर
11 Rabbit Rabbit खरगोश
12 Sheep Sheep भेड़
13 Tortoise Tortoise कछुआ
14 Turtle Turtle कछुआ
15 Parrot Parrot तोता
16 Mouse Mouse चूहा
17 Hen Hen मुर्गी
18 Hamster Hamster हैम्स्टर
19 Fish Fish मछली
20 Pigeon Pigeon कबूतर

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Pets provide immense emotional and physical benefits to their owners, making them an integral part of many households. Whether it’s a furry cat or an active dog, pets are cherished by people of all ages and are considered as a member of the family. Caring for a pet involves responsibility, love, and patience, but the rewards are worth it. Thus, having a pet is not just limited to companionship, it also positively impacts our life both mentally and physically.

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