29 Brahma Names in English and Hindi

Brahma is one of the major deities in Hinduism, alongside Vishnu and Shiva. He is often depicted as a four-faced and four-armed god, with each face representing a different aspect of creation. Brahma is considered the creator of the universe and is often associated with knowledge, wisdom, and learning. Despite his important role in Hindu mythology, he is not widely worshipped today, and his temples are relatively rare.

29 Brahma Names in English and Hindi

29 Brahma Names in English and Hindi

SN Name in English Name in Hindi
1 Brahma ब्रह्मा
2 Atmabhu आत्मभू
3 Surajyeshta सुरज्येष्ठ
4 Parameshti परमेष्ठी
5 Pitamahah पितामहः
6 Hiranyagarba हिरण्यगर्भ
7 Lokesah लोकेश
8 Swayambhu स्वयम्भू
9 Chaturanana चतुरानन
10 Datha दाता
11 Abjayonih अब्जयोनि
12 Druhinah धृहिण
13 Kamalasanah कमलासन
14 Shrashtah श्रष्टा
15 Prajapatih प्रजापति
16 Veda वेद
17 Vidhata विधाता
18 Viswasrush विश्वसृष्ट
19 Vidhih विधिः
20 Nabijanma नाभिजन्म
21 Andajah अण्डज
22 Purvah पूर्व
23 Nidanah निदानः
24 Kamalodbhava कमलोद्भव
25 Sadanandah सदानन्द
26 Rajomurti रजोमूर्ति
27 Satyakah सत्यकाः
28 Hamsavahanah हंसवाहनः
29 Virinchi विरिंचि

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Brahma is an important figure in Hindu mythology, representing the power of creation and knowledge. Despite his relatively limited worship and presence in modern Hinduism, his stories and symbolism continue to inspire and intrigue people around the world. Whether as a religious figure or a symbol of creativity and wisdom, Brahma serves as a reminder of the enduring power of mythology and the human imagination.

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