25 Yellow Flowers Name in English and Hindi

Yellow flowers are a popular and vibrant addition to gardens and natural landscapes around the world. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from delicate daffodils to cheerful sunflowers, and can brighten up any space with their sunny and cheerful hue. In addition to their aesthetic value, yellow flowers are often associated with happiness, friendship, and positivity, making them a popular choice for gifts and decorations.

Yellow Flowers Name in English and Hindi

25 Yellow Flowers Name in English and Hindi

SN Image Name in English Name in Hindi
1 Sunflowers Sunflowers सूरजमुखी
2 Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum शेवंती
3 Black Eyed Susan Black Eyed Susan काली आंख वाली सुजाता
4 Yellow Roses Yellow Roses पीले गुलाब
5 Yellow Tulips Yellow Tulips पीले ट्यूलिप्स
6 Yellow Dahlia Yellow Dahlia पीली डेलिया
7 Calla Lilies Calla Lilies काला लिली
8 Peonies Peonies पियोनी
9 Strelitzia Strelitzia स्ट्रेलिट्जिया
10 Daffodils Daffodils डैफोडिल
11 Stella d' Oro Daylily Stella d’ Oro Daylily स्टेला डे ऑरो डेलिली
12 Yellow Hydrangea Yellow Hydrangea पीली हाइड्रेंजिया
13 Iris Iris आईरिस
14 Marigold Marigold गेंदा
15 Graham Thomas Rose Graham Thomas Rose ग्राहम थॉमस गुलाब
16 Yellow Orchids Yellow Orchids पीले ऑर्किड
17 Yellow Hibiscus Yellow Hibiscus पीला गुड़हली
18 Yellow Carnation Yellow Carnation पीले कार्नेशन
19 Freesia Freesia फ्रीशिया
20 Ranunculus Ranunculus रेनुकलस
21 Acacia Acacia बबूल
22 Golden Columbine Golden Columbine सोने की उत्तेजना
23 Yellow Primrose Yellow Primrose पीली प्रिमरोज़
24 Compass Flower Compass Flower कम्पास फूल
25 Coreopsis Coreopsis कोरियोप्सिस

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Yellow flowers are a beautiful and versatile addition to any garden or natural landscape. From their cheerful and sunny hue to their association with happiness and positivity, they have captured our imagination and appreciation for centuries. Whether we admire them for their aesthetic beauty or their symbolic meaning, yellow flowers serve as a reminder of the joy and beauty of nature and the importance of finding joy and positivity in our lives.

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