Flower Names in English and Hindi

Flowers are one of the most beautiful and diverse creations of nature, found in every color, shape, and size imaginable. They are not only pleasing to the eye but also have symbolic significance in many cultures, representing love, gratitude, and other emotions. Flowers have been used for thousands of years in various ways, from medicine to decoration and even as a source of food. With their delicate beauty and intricate design, flowers have captured the human imagination for centuries.

Flower Names in English and Hindi

40 Flower Names in English and Hindi

SN Image Name in English Name in Hindi
1 Rose Rose गुलाब
2 Marigold Marigold गेंदा
3 Lotus Lotus कमल
4 Jasmine Jasmine चमेली
5 Hibiscus Hibiscus गुड़हल
6 Sunflower Sunflower सूरजमुखी
7 Dahlia Dahlia डेलिया
8 Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum शेवंती
9 Tulip Tulip फूलताजा
10 Daffodil Daffodil डैफोडिल
11 Lily Lily सुपारी
12 Carnation Carnation कार्नेशन
13 Orchid Orchid ऑर्किड
14 Iris Iris आईरिस
15 Bluebell Bluebell ब्लूबेल
16 Water lily Water lily वाटर लिली
17 Lady's Slipper Lady’s Slipper लेडीज स्लीपर
18 Foxtail Orchids Foxtail Orchids फॉक्सटेल ऑर्किड
19 Pot Marigold (Genda) Pot Marigold (Genda) पॉट मैरीगोल्ड (गेंदा)
20 Rhododendron Rhododendron एक प्रकार का फल
21 Common Rhododendron Common Rhododendron आम रोडोडेंड्रोन
22 Parrot Tree Parrot Tree तोते का पेड़
23 Golden Shower Tree Golden Shower Tree गोल्डन शावर ट्री
24 Snapdragon Snapdragon अजगर का चित्र
25 Zinnia Zinnia झिननिया
26 Tamhini,Jarul Tamhini,Jarul तम्हिनी, जरुल
27 Siroi Lily Siroi Lily सिरोई लिली
28 Red Vanda Red Vanda लाल वांडा
29 Geranium Geranium जेरेनियम
30 Ashoka Ashoka अशोक
31 Cannonball tree's Flower Cannonball tree’s Flower तोप के पेड़ का फूल
32 Rohira Rohira रोहिरा
33 Noble orchid Noble orchid नोबल ऑर्किड
34 Glory lily Glory lily महिमा लिली
35 Senna auriculata Senna auriculata सेना auriculata
36 Nag Kesar Nag Kesar नाग केसर
37 Brahma Kamal Brahma Kamal ब्रह्म कमल
38 Palash Palash पलाश
39 Night-flowering Jasmine रात में फूलने वाली चमेली
40 Frangipani Frangipani फ्रांगीपानी

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Flowers are one of the most diverse and beautiful creations of nature, with symbolic significance in many cultures. They have been used for various purposes throughout history, from medicine to decoration and food. With their intricate design and delicate beauty, flowers continue to capture the human imagination and inspire artists and poets. So, whether you are admiring a bouquet of roses or simply enjoying the beauty of a wildflower in a field, take a moment to appreciate the intricate beauty and symbolic significance of flowers.

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