50 Edible Flower Names in Hindi and English

Edible flowers are a beautiful and versatile ingredient that have been used in cuisine for centuries. From salads and cocktails to desserts and main dishes, edible flowers can add color, texture, and flavor to any dish. There are many different types of edible flowers, each with its unique taste and nutritional benefits. In this article, we will explore the history, culinary uses, and potential health benefits of edible flowers.

Edible Flower Names in Hindi and English

50 Edible Flower Names in Hindi and English

SN Image Name in English Name in Hindi
1 American elderberry American elderberry अमेरिकी एल्डरबेरी
2 Anise hyssop Anise hyssop सौंफ का एक प्रकार
3 Arugula Arugula अरुगुला
4 Banana blossom Banana blossom केले का फूल
5 Basil Basil तुलसी
6 Bean Bean फलियां
7 Bergamot Bergamot बरगमॉट
8 Broccoli Broccoli ब्रोकोली
9 Broussonetia kurzii Broussonetia kurzii टोडरफल
10 Butterfly pea Butterfly pea अपारा
11 Cauliflower Cauliflower फूलगोभी
12 Chamomile Chamomile चमोमाइल
13 Chervil Chervil साँफ
14 Chinese hibiscus Chinese hibiscus गुड़हल
15 Chives Chives हरा प्याज़
16 Chicory Chicory कसनी
17 Chickweed Chickweed बथुआ
18 Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum गुलदाउदी
19 Cornflower Cornflower शंखपुष्पी
20 Cosmos Cosmos कॉसमॉस
21 Dandelion Dandelion ढुल्ली
22 Dianthus Dianthus गुलाबी फुल
23 Dill Dill सोया
24 English marigold English marigold गेंदा
25 English daisy English daisy डेजी
26 Fennel Fennel सौंफ
27 Geranium Geranium जेरेनियम
28 Hollyhock Hollyhock अलसी का फूल
29 Japanese honeysuckle Japanese honeysuckle मधुमालती
30 Lavender Lavender लैवेंडर
31 Lilac Lilac नीलकमल
32 Lovage Lovage ज़ितमिस्त
33 Maguey flower Maguey flower एक प्रकार का फूल
34 Mangrove trumpet tree Mangrove trumpet tree सोनपत्ती
35 Markhamia stipulata Markhamia stipulata गुलमोहर
36 Mint Mint पुदीना
37 Nasturtium Nasturtium नस्तुर्शियम
38 Okra Okra भिंडी
39 Passionflower Passionflower कृष्णकमल
40 Pineapple sage Pineapple sage अनानास सेज
41 Red clover Red clover लाल त्रिलोचन
42 Rose Rose गुलाब
43 Rosemary Rosemary रोज़मेरी
44 Sage Sage सेज
45 Sesbania grandiflora Sesbania grandiflora अगस्त
46 Snapdragon Snapdragon टोरण्टो
47 Squash Squash घिया
48 Sunflower Sunflower सूरजमुखी
49 Thyme Thyme जंगली अजवाइन
50 Violet Violet बनाफशा

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Edible flowers are a unique and flavorful ingredient that can elevate any dish’s presentation and taste. From classic options like roses and violets to less common choices like nasturtiums and marigolds, there is a wide variety of edible flowers to choose from. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, incorporating edible flowers into your dishes is an excellent way to add visual interest and nutritional value. So next time you’re looking to add some color and flavor to your meals, don’t be afraid to experiment with some beautiful and delicious edible flowers!

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