50 Oils Name in English and Hindi

Oil is a vital component of our daily lives, used for cooking, skincare, medicinal purposes, and energy production. There are a variety of oils available in the market, each with its unique properties and benefits. From essential oils to mineral oils, the uses and benefits of different types of oils are numerous. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common types of oils and their uses.

Oils Name in English and Hindi

50 Oils Name in English and Hindi

SN Image Name in English Name in Hindi
1 Almond Almond oil बादाम तेल
2 Argan oil अर्गन तेल
3 Avocado Avocado oil अवोकाडो तेल
4 Black cumin seed Black cumin seed oil काले जीरे के बीज का तेल
5 Canola Canola oil कैनोला तेल
6 Castor Castor oil अरंडी का तेल
7 Coconut Coconut oil नारियल का तेल
8 Corn Corn oil मक्का तेल
9 Cottonseed Cottonseed oil कपास का तेल
10 Evening primrose Evening primrose oil शामी फूल का तेल
11 Flaxseed Flaxseed oil अलसी का तेल
12 Grape seed Grape seed oil अंगूर के बीज का तेल
13 Hazelnut Hazelnut oil फिलबर का तेल
14 Hemp seed Hemp seed oil भांग के बीज का तेल
15 Jojoba Jojoba oil जोजोबा तेल
16 Mustard Mustard oil सरसों का तेल
17 Olive Olive oil जैतून का तेल
18 Palm Palm oil पाम तेल
19 Peanut Peanut oil मूंगफली का तेल
20 Pumpkin seed Pumpkin seed oil कद्दू के बीज का तेल
21 Rice bran Rice bran oil चावल का ब्रान तेल
22 Safflower Safflower oil कुसुम का तेल
23 Sesame Sesame oil तिल का तेल
24 Soybean Soybean oil सोयाबीन का तेल
25 Sunflower Sunflower oil सूरजमुखी का तेल
26 Walnut Walnut oil अखरोट का तेल
27 Wheat germ Wheat germ oil गेहूं का अंकुर तेल
28 Apricot Apricot oil खुबानी का तेल
29 Bergamot Bergamot oil बरगमॉट तेल
30 Borage Borage oil बोरेज तेल
31 Calendula Calendula oil कैलेंडुला तेल
32 Camellia Camellia oil कैमेलिया तेल
33 Carrot seed Carrot seed oil गाजर के बीज का तेल
34 Cedarwood Cedarwood oil सीदार तेल
35 Chamomile Chamomile oil चमोमाइल तेल
36 Cinnamon Cinnamon oil दालचीनी तेल
37 Citronella Citronella oil सिट्रोनेला तेल
38 Clary sage Clary sage oil क्लेरी सेज तेल
39 Clove Clove oil लौंग तेल
40 Eucalyptus Eucalyptus oil यूकलिप्टस तेल
41 Frankincense Frankincense oil फ्रैंकिंसेंस तेल
42 Ginger Ginger oil अदरक तेल
43 Jasmine Jasmine oil चमेली का तेल
44 Lavender Lavender oil लैवेंडर तेल
45 Lemon Lemon oil नींबू का तेल
46 Lemongrass Lemongrass oil लेमनग्रास तेल
47 Myrrh Myrrh oil मेर तेल
48 Neroli Neroli oil नेरोली तेल
49 Patchouli Patchouli oil पच्चोली तेल
50 Peppermint Peppermint oil पुदीना का तेल

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Oils are a significant part of our lives, and understanding their benefits and uses can help us make informed decisions about the products we use. Whether it’s for cooking, skincare, or medicinal purposes, there is an oil that can suit our needs. From the soothing properties of lavender oil to the energy production benefits of mineral oil, the possibilities of oil are endless. By incorporating oils into our daily routines, we can enhance our overall health and wellbeing.

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