20 Body Parts Name in English and Hindi

The human body is made up of various types of organs. Each organ holds its own importance and is used in our daily lives. Knowing the names of these organs in Hindi language is essential for children. Here, we have brought some names of such organs that children should know.

Body Parts Name in English and Hindi

SN Image Name Name in Hindi
1 Head Head सिर
2 Ear Ear कान
3 Mouth Mouth मुँह
4 Neck Neck गरदन
5 Chest Chest छाती
6 Elbow Elbow कोहनी
7 Fingers Fingers उंगलियाँ
8 Hip Hip कूल्हा
9 Knee Knee घुटना
10 Toe Toe पैर के अंगुलि
11 Foot Foot पैर
12 Ankle Ankle टखना
13 Leg Leg टांग
14 Hand Hand हाथ
15 Arm Arm बांह
16 Shoulder Shoulder कंधा
17 Teeth Teeth दांत
18 Nose Nose नाक
19 Eye Eye आंख
20 Hair Hair बाल

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In this article, we have provided you with the names of useful organs for children. We hope that this information will prove helpful for your children and they will be able to address their body parts correctly in their language.

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