100 Birds Name in English and Hindi

Birds are one of the most fascinating creatures in the world, fascinating researchers, scientists, and bird watchers alike with their staggering array of colors, patterns, and habits. There are over 10,000 species of birds worldwide, each with a unique physiology and behavior. These species can be found in various habitats, ranging from tropical forests to deserts, and from grasslands to Arctic tundra. This article highlights some of the most popular birds and provides their Hindi names.

Birds Name in English and Hindi

100 Birds Name in English and Hindi

SN Image Name in English Name in Hindi
1 Eagle Eagle चील
2 Peacock Peacock मोर
3 Pigeon Pigeon कबूतर
4 Parakeet Parakeet तोता
5 Vulture Vulture गिद्ध
6 Hummingbird Hummingbird पंखुड़ी
7 Owl Owl उल्लू
8 Quail Quail बटेर
9 Kingfisher Kingfisher मछुआरा
10 Blue jay Blue jay नीले जे
11 Swallow Swallow बातचीत
12 Canary Canary कैनरी
13 Bush warbler Bush warbler झाड़ी भटक
14 Common swift Common swift यूरोपीय तीव्र उड़ान
15 Ospreys Ospreys बाज
16 Wren Wren चिचिड़ा
17 Lovebird Lovebird प्रेमिका
18 Grebe Grebe अजगरा
19 Moa Moa मोआ
20 Dodo Dodo डोडो
21 Gannet Gannet मूछल
22 Bluebird Bluebird नीले पक्षी
23 Teal Teal टील
24 Hoatzin Hoatzin होअट्जिन
25 Tailorbird Tailorbird दर्ज़ी पक्षी
26 Duck Duck बतख
27 Dove Dove कबूतर
28 Goose Goose हंस
29 Finches Finches मधुशाला
30 Hawk Hawk शाहीन
31 Sparrow Sparrow गौरैया
32 Myna Myna मैना
33 Ostrich Ostrich शुतुरमुर्ग
34 Kite Kite चील
35 Magpie Magpie नीलकण्ठ
36 Starling Starling स्टार्लिंग
37 Seagull Seagull समुद्री गोल्डन
38 Barn swallow Barn swallow बाड़े की बलै
39 Falcon Falcon बाज
40 Coot Coot साक्षरता
41 Lark Lark चिमनी
42 Conure Conure कोणुर
43 Guinea fowl Guinea fowl केवल फाउल
44 Kiwi Kiwi किवी
45 Azure dollar/Purple dollar Azure dollar/Purple dollar नीला डॉलर / वाइलेट डॉलर
46 Thrush Thrush कमबख्त
47 Roadrunner Roadrunner सड़क दौड़ने वाला
48 Northern shoveler Northern shoveler उत्तरी फुहारदार
49 Kestrel Kestrel कमज़ोर कैंचीवाला
50 Wagtail Wagtail थुथुरणा
51 Hen Hen मुर्गी
52 Stork Stork सारस
53 Pelican Pelican पेलीकन
54 Crow Crow कौआ
55 Crane Crane सारस
56 Woodpecker Woodpecker कठफोड़वा
57 Cuckoo Cuckoo कोयल
58 Emu Emu इमु
59 Cockatoo Cockatoo कॉकटू
60 Goldfinch Goldfinch गोल्डफिंच
61 Pheasant Pheasant मोर
62 Heron Heron बगुला
63 Cassowary Cassowary कैसोवेयरी
64 Megapode Megapode मेगापोड
65 Rail Rail रेल
66 Sandpiper Sandpiper सैंडपाइपर
67 Rallidae Rallidae रेलीडा
68 Passerine Passerine पासेरिन
69 Nightjar Nightjar नाइटजार
70 Greater coucal Greater coucal बड़ा कोयल
71 Avocet Avocet अवोसेट
72 Dunnock Dunnock डनोक
73 Gadwall Gadwall गडवाल
74 Oriole Oriole कमल नती
75 Weaverbird Weaverbird पेड़ बुनाने वाला पक्षी
76 Parrot Parrot तोता
77 Swan Swan हंस
78 Macaw Macaw मैका
79 Raven Raven कौआ
80 Penguin Penguin पेंगुइन
81 Hornbill Hornbill हॉर्नबिल
82 Turkey Turkey टर्की
83 Cockatiel Cockatiel कॉकटील
84 Nightingale Nightingale बुलबुल
85 Robin Robin पटखणी
86 Toucan Toucan टूकन
87 Potoo Potoo पोतू
88 Mallard Mallard मलार्ड
89 Spoonbill Spoonbill चम्मच अक्षर
90 Budgerigar Budgerigar बज़रगर
91 Arctic tern Arctic tern आर्कटिक टर्न
92 Bee-eater Bee-eater मधुमक्खी खाने वाला पक्षी
93 Albatross Albatross अलबैट्रॉस
94 Oilbird Oilbird तेल पक्षी
95 Greater racket-tailed drongo Greater racket-tailed drongo बड़ा तंग टेल वाला ड्रांगो
96 Catbird Catbird बिल्ली पक्षी
97 Northern cardinal Northern cardinal उत्तरी कार्डिनल
98 Northern pintail Northern pintail उत्तरी पिंटेल
99 Partridge Partridge तीतर
100 Skylark Skylark टिट्टिहरी

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Birds have captured our attention since ancient times, playing a vital role in religious and cultural beliefs. These fascinating creatures are a true testament to evolution’s wonders, revealing nature’s intricate and complex mechanisms. Despite being an essential part of our environment, many bird species are facing the threat of extinction. Hence, it’s our responsibility to understand their importance and contribute to protecting their habitats. So next time you spot a bird, take a moment to admire their beauty and remember their critical role in our ecosystem.

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