50 Things Name in English and Hindi

As humans, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our lives and make the world a better place. From technological advancements to societal changes, there are countless factors that influence our daily experiences. In this article, we will explore some of the most interesting and impactful things that have happened over the years. By taking a closer look at these events, we can gain a better understanding of how they have shaped our world and continue to influence our future.

Things Name in English and Hindi


50 Things Name in English and Hindi

List of Household Things Names

SN Image Name in English Name in Hindi
1 Cupboard Cupboard अलमारी
2 Pillow Pillow तकिया
3 Coffee maker Coffee maker कॉफ़ी मेकर
4 Bed Bed बिस्तर
5 Spoon Spoon चम्मच
6 Blanket Blanket कंबल
7 Knife Knife चाकू
8 Stove Stove चूल्हा
9 Sink Sink सिंक
10 Washing machine Washing machine वाशिंग मशीन
11 Pot Pot बरतन
12 Dish Dish थाली
13 Fridge Fridge फ्रिज
14 Sofa Sofa सोफ़ा
15 Stool Stool पैदल
16 Cup Cup कप
17 Fork Fork कांटा
18 Glass Glass गिलास

List of School Things Names

SN Image Name in English Name in Hindi
1 Blackboard Blackboard ब्लैकबोर्ड
2 Desk Desk डेस्क
3 Chair Chair कुर्सी
4 Duster Duster झाड़ू
5 Eraser Eraser कच्चा
6 Computer Computer कंप्यूटर
7 Clock Clock घड़ी
8 Binder Binder बाइंडर
9 Bookshelf Bookshelf किताबों का रखने का अलमारी
10 Books Books किताबें
11 Paper clips Paper clips कागज के क्लिप्स
12 Pens Pens कलमें
13 Pencil Pencil पेंसिल
14 Marker Marker मार्कर
15 Scale Scale स्केल
16 Pencil case Pencil case पेंसिल बॉक्स

Other objects or common things

SN Image Name in English Name in Hindi
1 Car Car कार
2 Bicycle Bicycle साइकिल
3 Banknote Banknote बैंकनोट
4 Wallet Wallet बटुआ
5 Phone Phone फ़ोन
6 Bag Bag थैला
7 Shirt Shirt कमीज़
8 Helmet Helmet हेलमेट
9 Toothbrush Toothbrush टूथब्रश
10 Key Key चाबी
11 Table Table मेज़
12 Coin Coin सिक्का
13 Pants Pants पैंट
14 Sweater Sweater स्वेटर
15 Shoe Shoe जूते
16 Bike Bike बाइक

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The world is constantly evolving, and we must adapt to keep up with the changes. From technological advancements to societal shifts, there are many things that have contributed to our current reality. By exploring these events and understanding their impact, we can gain valuable insights into the world around us. As we move forward, it is important to continue learning and growing so that we can make the most of the opportunities that come our way.

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