50 Oily Fish Names in English and Hindi

Oily fish are a type of fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential nutrients that can have significant health benefits. These types of fish include salmon, sardines, mackerel, and herring, among others. Oily fish are not only a delicious and healthy food option, but they are also important for the environment, serving as a crucial link in the marine food chain.

Oily Fish Names in English and Hindi

50 Oily Fish Names in English and Hindi

SN Image Name in English Name in Hindi
1 Anchovy Anchovy कोईला
2 Atlantic salmon Atlantic salmon एटलांटिक सैलमन
3 Barracuda Barracuda बराकूडा
4 Bluefish Bluefish ब्लूफिश
5 Bonito Bonito बोनिटो
6 Butterfish Butterfish मखन मछली
7 Carp Carp रोहू
8 Catfish Catfish मगरमच्छ
9 Chub mackerel Chub mackerel बंगड़ा
10 Coho salmon Coho salmon कोहो सैलमन
11 Cusk eel Cusk eel बंदा
12 Dogfish Dogfish शार्क
13 Eel Eel एल
14 European pilchard European pilchard खमीर
15 Haddock Haddock हैडोक
16 Herring Herring हेरिंग
17 Jack mackerel Jack mackerel शैरा
18 King mackerel King mackerel स्पेनिश मैकरेल
19 Lake trout Lake trout झींगा मछली
20 Mackerel Mackerel मैकरेल
21 Mahi-mahi Mahi-mahi माही माही
22 Milkfish Milkfish मिल्कफ़िश
23 Northern pike Northern pike नॉर्थन पाइक
24 Ocean perch Ocean perch ओशन पर्च
25 Oily fish Oily fish तेलवाली मछली
26 Pacific saury Pacific saury पैसिफ़िक सॉरी
27 Pacific salmon Pacific salmon पैसिफ़िक सैलमन
28 Pacific sardine Pacific sardine पैसिफ़िक सारडीन
29 Pangasius catfish Pangasius catfish पांगासियस कैटफ़िश
30 Pollock Pollock पॉलॉक
31 Pomfret Pomfret पोंफ्रेट
32 Rainbow trout Rainbow trout रेनबो ट्राउट
33 Sablefish Sablefish सेबलफ़िश
34 Salmon Salmon सैलमन
35 Sardine Sardine सार्डीन
36 Shad Shad शैड
37 Shark Shark शार्क
38 Skipjack tuna Skipjack tuna स्किपजैक ट्यूना
39 Smelt Smelt स्मेल्ट
40 Spanish mackerel Spanish mackerel स्पेनिश मैकरेल
41 Sprat Sprat स्प्रैट
42 Swordfish Swordfish स्वोर्डफ़िश
43 Tuna Tuna ट्यूना
44 Atlantic herring Atlantic herring अटलांटिक हेरिंग
45 Black cod Black cod काली मछली
46 Bluefin tuna Bluefin tuna ब्लूफिन ट्यूना
47 Atlantic bluefin tuna Atlantic bluefin tuna अटलांटिक ब्लूफिन ट्यूना
48 Kingfish Kingfish विषाल मछली
49 Red snapper Red snapper लाल स्नैपर
50 Trout Trout ट्राउट

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Oily fish are an excellent source of nutrients and play a crucial role in the marine ecosystem. Incorporating oily fish into our diets is an excellent way to promote overall health and well-being. However, it is essential to ensure that these fish are caught sustainably to protect the environment and preserve these vital species. By maintaining healthy fish populations and responsible fishing practices, we can continue to enjoy the many benefits that oily fish have to offer while also safeguarding the oceans and the creatures that inhabit them.

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