100 Insects Name in Hindi and English

Insects are the most diverse group of animals on earth, accounting for over 80% of all known species. They can be found in almost every habitat on the planet, from the depths of the ocean to the tops of the highest mountain ranges. They play a crucial role in many ecosystems, serving as pollinators, decomposers, and as a source of food for many other animals. Despite their small size, insects have proven to be incredibly adaptable and resilient, surviving and thriving in even the harshest of conditions.

Insects Name in Hindi and English

100 Insects Name in Hindi and English

SN Image Name in English Name in Hindi
1 Ant Ant चींटी
2 Bee Bee मधुमक्खी
3 Butterfly Butterfly तितली
4 Cockroach Cockroach तिलचट्टा
5 Grasshopper Grasshopper टिड्डा
6 Ladybug Ladybug महिला भृंग
7 Mosquito Mosquito मच्छर
8 Moth Moth टिड्डी
9 Wasp Wasp शंखपुष्पी
10 Fly Fly मक्खी
11 Praying Mantis Praying Mantis व्रत पाक्षी
12 Termite Termite दीमक
13 Dragonfly Dragonfly ड्रैगनफ्लाई
14 Beetle Beetle भृंग
15 Centipede Centipede सैंटीपीड
16 Cicada Cicada टिड्डी
17 Earwig Earwig शीशमट्टी
18 Firefly Firefly जुगनू
19 Flea Flea बिच्छू
20 House Fly House Fly मक्खी
21 June Bug June Bug जून का कीड़ा
22 Lightning Bug Lightning Bug तीव्र प्रकाशमान गंधकी
23 Louse Louse जूं
24 Millipede Millipede सौ सौ पैर वाला कीड़ा
25 Mosquito Hawk Mosquito Hawk मच्छर का हॉक
26 Hornet Hornet भौंपू
27 Cicada Killer Cicada Killer टिड्डी किलर
28 Bumble Bee Bumble Bee बम्बल बी
29 Honey Bee Honey Bee मधुमक्खी
30 Yellowjacket Yellowjacket पीली जैकेट
31 Paper Wasp Paper Wasp कागजी टत्तू
32 Spider Wasp Spider Wasp मकड़ी टत्तू
33 Katydid Katydid बैलगाड़ी
34 Cicada nymph Cicada nymph टिड्डी नंदिनी
35 Antlion Antlion चींटी का शिकार
36 Cicada Molting Cicada Molting टिड्डी मोल्टिंग
37 Walkingstick Walkingstick अंगूठे जैसा कीड़ा
38 Stink Bug Stink Bug बदबूदार बगुला
39 Squash Bug Squash Bug कद्दू का कीट
40 Red-tailed Bumblebee Red-tailed Bumblebee लाल पुछ्छ वाली बम्बल बी
41 Mason Bee Mason Bee मेसन बी
42 Mining Bee Mining Bee माइनिंग बी
43 Solitary Bee Solitary Bee एकांती बी
44 Carpenter Ant Carpenter Ant बढ़ई चींटी
45 Pavement Ant Pavement Ant फुटपाथ चींटी
46 Fire Ant Fire Ant आग की चींटी
47 Harvester Ant Harvester Ant अन्न का चींटी
48 Pharaoh Ant Pharaoh Ant फिरांग चींटी
49 European Fire Ant European Fire Ant यूरोपीय आग की चींटी
50 Argentine Ant Argentine Ant अर्जेंटीनी चींटी
51 Dung Beetle Dung Beetle गोबर का बिगल
52 Tiger Beetle Tiger Beetle टाइगर बीटल
53 Ground Beetle Ground Beetle भूमि का कीट
54 Darkling Beetle Darkling Beetle काले रंग का कीड़ा
55 Carpet Beetle Carpet Beetle कार्पेट का कीट
56 Long-Horned Beetle Long-Horned Beetle लॉन्ग-होर्न्ड बीटल
57 Rhinoceros Beetle Rhinoceros Beetle गैंडा कट्टा
58 Scarab Beetle Scarab Beetle स्कैरब बीटल
59 Click Beetle Click Beetle क्लिक बीटल
60 Stag Beetle Stag Beetle मृग बीटल
61 Dermestid Beetle Dermestid Beetle डर्मेस्टिड बीटल
62 Blister Beetle Blister Beetle दानेदार कीट
63 Weevil Weevil सुडौल कीट
64 Snout Beetle Snout Beetle धोंप बोटी
65 Checkered Beetle Checkered Beetle सहि टट्टी
66 Lace Bug Lace Bug लेस बग
67 Tarnished Plant Bug Tarnished Plant Bug ढला पौधा बग
68 Assassin Bug Assassin Bug हत्यारा बग
69 Wheel Bug Wheel Bug पहिये वाला बग
70 Stink Bug Nymph Stink Bug Nymph बदबूदार बगुला नंदिनी
71 Leaf-footed Bug Leaf-footed Bug पत्तों वाला बग
72 Big-Eyed Bug Big-Eyed Bug बड़ी आंख वाली बग
73 Boxelder Bug Boxelder Bug बॉक्सएल्डर बग
74 Bed Bug Bed Bug खटमल
75 Booklice Booklice बुकलाइस
76 Lice Lice लिखों
77 Ticks Ticks टिक्स
78 Mites Mites माइट्स
79 Scorpions Scorpions बिच्छू
80 Spiders Spiders मकड़ी
81 Harvestman Harvestman हार्वेस्टमैन
82 Sowbug Sowbug एक प्रकार का कीट
83 Pillbug Pillbug पिल बग
84 Woodlice Woodlice लकड़ी का कीट
85 Silkmoth Silkmoth रेशमोथ
86 Luna Moth Luna Moth चंद्रमा की टिड्डी
87 Polyphemus Moth Polyphemus Moth पॉलीफेमस मॉथ
88 Sphinx Moth Sphinx Moth स्फिंक्स मॉथ
89 Cecropia Moth Cecropia Moth सिस्रोपिया मॉथ
90 Gypsy Moth Gypsy Moth जिप्सी मॉथ
91 Io Moth Io Moth आइओ मोथ
92 Promethea Moth Promethea Moth प्रोमेथेया मॉथ
93 Zebra Swallowtail Zebra Swallowtail ज़ेबरा स्वैलोटेल
94 Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly सम्राट तितली
95 Painted Lady Butterfly Painted Lady Butterfly चित्रित महिला तितली
96 Swallowtail Butterfly Swallowtail Butterfly स्वालोटेल तितली
97 Fritillary Butterfly Fritillary Butterfly फ्रिटिलरी तितली
98 Sulphur Butterfly Sulphur Butterfly सल्फर तितली
99 Skipper Butterfly Skipper Butterfly कप्तान तितली
100 Hairstreak Butterfly Hairstreak Butterfly बालों की लकीर तितली

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In conclusion, insects are a vital part of the planet’s biodiversity and have been for millions of years. They are incredibly diverse and adaptable, and have proven to be a valuable resource for humans and other animals alike. While some may view insects as pests, they play an important role in many of the planet’s ecosystems and should be appreciated and respected for their amazing abilities. As we continue to learn more about these fascinating creatures, we can find new ways to coexist with them and ensure their survival for generations to com

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