basement battler: MEANING IN HINDI & ENGLISH

अंग्रेजी में “basement battler” एक व्यक्ति को वर्णित करने के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जाता है जो अपने क्षेत्र में बुरी तरह से हार जाता है या कोई जगह जाने के लिए सफलता की कोशिश नहीं करता है। यह व्यक्ति चाहे कुछ भी करे, वह निरन्तर हारता ही रहता है।

The term “basement battler” is used to describe someone who consistently loses in their field or fails to achieve success in their efforts to reach a particular place, no matter what they do.

What does “basement battler” mean?

“Basement battler” is a colloquial phrase used to describe an individual who routinely loses or fails to achieve success in their endeavors despite their best efforts.

Usage of “basement battler”

The phrase “basement battler” is mostly used in informal settings to describe someone who is always at the bottom of the rankings or is unsuccessful in any attempts to climb up in the rankings. It is typically used in sports settings and other competitive environments where individuals are ranked according to performance.

Examples of “basement battler” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “He tried his hardest, but he’s just a basement battler and never wins.” (वह अपनी सबसे अच्छी कोशिश करता है, लेकिन वह बस एक Basement Battler है और कभी नहीं जीतता।)
  2. “She is known as the basement battler of the tennis world, always struggling to climb up in the rankings.” (वह टेनिस दुनिया की एक Basement Battler के रूप में जानी जाती है, हमेशा रैंकिंग में उच्चतम स्थानों को हासिल करने के लिए संघर्ष करती हुई।)
  3. “Despite his passion for football, he’s a basement battler and his team never comes out on top.” (फुटबॉल के प्रति अपनी उत्साह भरी कार्यक्षमता के बावजूद, वह एक basement battler है और उसकी टीम कभी भी ऊपर से नहीं आती।)

How to Respond to “basement battler”?

When someone is called a “basement battler,” it may come across as insulting or negative. It is important to be sensitive and choose your response carefully. If it is a friend or colleague, you can offer support or encouragement to help them improve. It is also important to recognize that not everyone is highly competitive or driven by success, and there may be other qualities that make a person valuable.

Translating “basement battler” into Hindi

There is no exact translation for “basement battler” in Hindi. However, to describe someone who consistently fails or loses, you could say “अनियंत्रित व्यक्ति” (Aniyamtrit vyakti), which means “an uncontrollable person” or “जीतने की कोशिशों में नाकामयाब” (Jeetne ki koshishon mein nakamyab), which means “unsuccessful in attempts to win.”

“Basement battler” का हिंदी में कोई सीधा अनुवाद नहीं है। हालांकि, किसी को वर्णित करने के लिए जो निरंतर गिरता हो या हमेशा हारता हो, उसे “अनियंत्रित व्यक्ति” (Aniyamtrit vyakti) या “जीतने की कोशिशों में नाकामयाब” (Jeetne ki koshishon mein nakamyab) कहा जा सकता है।

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