Beat The Heat: Meaning in Hindi & English

The idiom “Beat the Heat” means to find a way to stay cool or comfortable in hot weather. This phrase is commonly used during the summer months when temperatures are high and people are looking for ways to avoid discomfort or overheating.

“Beat the Heat” का मतलब है गर्मी से बचना यानि जल्दी से आरामदायक होने का तरीक़ा ढूँढ निकालना। यह वाक्य आमतौर पर गर्मियों के महीनों में प्रयोग में लाया जाता है जब तापमान उच्च होता है और लोग आराम नहीं पा रहे होते हैं।

What is “Beat the Heat”?

“Beat the Heat” is an idiom that means to stay cool or comfortable despite hot weather. The phrase is commonly used during periods of high temperature, especially during the summer months.

Usage of “Beat the Heat”?

“Beat the Heat” is used as a way of suggesting ways to stay cool when it is hot outside. This can include staying indoors in air-conditioned spaces, drinking plenty of water, wearing light and loose clothing, or going for a swim.

Examples of “Beat the Heat” in a sentence and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “It’s really hot outside. Let’s hit up the pool and beat the heat!” (बहुत गर्मी है। चलो तालाब में जाकर बाहर की गर्मी से बचें!)
  2. “I’m going to keep the curtains closed during the day to beat the heat.” (मैं दिनभर पर्दों को बंद रखूँगा ताकि गर्मी से बचा जा सके।)
  3. “I always wear a hat and sunglasses to beat the heat when I’m outside.” (मुझे हमेशा जब भी बाहर जाना होता है तो मैं हैट और सनग्लास पहनता हुँ ताकि गर्मी से बच सकूँ।)
  4. “We’re going to the beach to beat the heat and enjoy the ocean breeze.” (हम समुद्र तट जाने वाले हैं ताकि गर्मी से बच सके और समुद्री हवाओं का आनंद उठा सकें।)
  5. “I bought a portable fan to carry with me on hot days to beat the heat.” (मैं ने एक पोर्टेबल पंखा ख़रीदा है जिसे मैं गर्म दिनों में अपने साथ ले जाने के लिए उपयोग करूँगा ताकि गर्मी से बचा जा सके।)

How to “Beat the Heat”?

There are several ways to “Beat the Heat” during hot weather. Staying indoors in air-conditioned spaces can provide relief, as can wearing light and loose clothing made of breathable fabrics. Drinking plenty of water can also help to prevent dehydration, while taking cool showers or dips in a pool can provide a refreshing break from the heat.

Translating “Beat the Heat” into Hindi

In Hindi, “Beat the Heat” can be translated as “गर्मी से बचना” (Garmi se bachna) which means to protect oneself from the heat or to avoid the heat.

हिंदी में “Beat the Heat” को “गर्मी से बचना” कहा जा सकता है, जो अपने आप को गर्मी से बचाने या गर्मी से बचने का अर्थ होता है।

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