Blow Your Own Trumpet: Meaning in Hindi & English

The idiom “blow your own trumpet” means to boast about your own accomplishments or abilities. In English, this phrase has a negative connotation, suggesting that the person is being overly self-promoting or conceited.

अंग्रेज़ी में “blow your own trumpet” का मतलब होता है कि अपनी सफलताओं या क्षमताओं की गर्वभारी बात करें। हिंदी में इस वाक्यांश का कुछ इस तरह का अनुवाद होगा “खुद की तारीफ करना”।

What does “blow your own trumpet” mean?

“Blow your own trumpet” is an idiom that means to talk excessively about your own accomplishments or abilities, often in order to draw attention to yourself and your achievements. It is typically used in a negative context, implying that the person doing the boasting is being overly proud or conceited.

Usage of “blow your own trumpet”?

“Blow your own trumpet” can be used in a variety of contexts, but it is most often used in a negative way to criticize someone who is being too self-promoting or boastful. It can also be used in a more neutral context to simply describe someone who is talking about their own accomplishments or abilities.

Examples of “blow your own trumpet” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “John is always blowing his own trumpet, talking about how great he is at his job.” (जॉन हमेशा अपनी तारीफ करता है, अपने काम में कितना महान है वह बताता हुआ।)
  2. “I don’t like people who constantly blow their own trumpet.” (मुझे लोग पसंद नहीं हैं जो लगातार अपनी तारीफ करते रहते हैं।)
  3. “She’s always blowing her own trumpet, but I don’t think she’s as impressive as she thinks she is.” (वह हमेशा खुद की तारीफ करती है, लेकिन मुझे लगता है कि वह अपने आप को सोचती है।)
  4. “It’s not polite to blow your own trumpet during a job interview.” (नौकरी इंटरव्यू के दौरान खुद की तारीफ करना शिष्ट नहीं है।)
  5. “He’s always blowing his own trumpet about how fit he is, but I’ve never seen him exercise.” (वह हमेशा अपनी फिटनेस की बात करता है, लेकिन मैंने उसे कभी व्यायाम नहीं करते हुए देखा।)

Translating “blow your own trumpet” into Hindi

In Hindi, the idiom “blow your own trumpet” can be translated as “खुद की तारीफ करना” (khud ki taareef karna), which means to praise oneself excessively.

हिंदी में, “blow your own trumpet” का अनुवाद “खुद की तारीफ करना” (khud ki taareef karna) हो सकता है, जो अपनी तारीफ बहुत अधिक करने का अर्थ होता है।

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