Give Airs: Meaning in Hindi & English

The idiom “Give Airs” means to behave arrogantly or snobbishly. It refers to someone who acts above others and puts on an air of superiority.

“Give Airs” का मतलब होता है कि घमंड या अहंकार से व्यवहार करना। यह किसी को बताता है कि वह अन्यों से ऊपर होता है और उत्कृष्टता के भाव को धारण करता है।

What does “Give Airs” mean?

“Give Airs” means to portray oneself in a superior manner and to act arrogantly or snobbishly. It could be used to describe someone who is attempting to impress others with their supposed superiority or status.

Usage of “Give Airs”

“Give Airs” can be used to describe someone who acts like they are better than others, often showing off their wealth, achievements, or social status. This behavior is usually perceived negatively and can lead to alienation and resentment from those around them.

Examples of “Give Airs” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “Ever since she got a promotion, she’s been giving airs to everyone at work.” (जबसे उसे पदोन्नति मिली है, तबसे उसने काम में सबको अहंकार की ताकत बताई है।)
  2. “He always gives airs like he is the richest man in the world.” (वह हमेशा यह अहंकार दिखता है कि वह दुनिया का सबसे अमीर आदमी है।)
  3. “She may be talented, but she shouldn’t give airs about it.” (वह तो मेहनती हो सकती है, लेकिन वह इसके बारे में अहंकार नहीं दिखाना चाहिए।)

Translating “Give Airs” into Hindi

In Hindi, the phrase that corresponds to the idiom “Give Airs” is “घमंड/अहंकार दिखाना” (Ghamand/ahankaar dikhana). It means to show off one’s superiority or status.

हिंदी में, “Give Airs” जैसे मुहावरे का सीधा अनुवाद “घमंड/अहंकार दिखाना” है। यह किसी को अपनी ऊपरीता या स्थिति का दिखावा करना बताता है।

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