Ignorance Is Bliss: Meaning in Hindi & English

The idiom “ignorance is bliss” means that sometimes it is better not to know certain things because it may lead to unhappiness or distress. In other words, if we are unaware of certain things, then we may avoid some of the negative emotions or consequences that may arise from that knowledge.

यह मुहावरा बताता है कि कभी-कभी कुछ चीजों को न जानना बेहतर होता है क्योंकि इससे दुख या पीड़ा होने की संभावना होती है। दूसरे शब्दों में, अगर हम कुछ चीजों से अनभिज्ञ होते हैं तो हम कुछ नकारात्मक भावनाओं या परिणामों से बच सकते हैं जो उस ज्ञान से उत्पन्न हो सकते हैं।

What does “Ignorance is Bliss” Mean?

“Ignorance is Bliss” is an idiom used to express that sometimes it is better not to know certain things, as it might lead to distress or unhappiness. People often use this phrase to describe situations where ignorance protects individuals from painful or difficult experiences.

Usage of “Ignorance is Bliss”

“Ignorance is Bliss” is used in situations where someone is facing a potential negative outcome or where knowledge of a situation might be upsetting. In such cases, people often choose to remain ignorant of specific details as a way of avoiding emotional or psychological distress. However, this phrase can also be used to describe people who simply prefer to live their lives without worrying about things they cannot control.

Examples of “Ignorance is Bliss” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “I wish I didn’t know about my friend’s betrayal. Ignorance is bliss.” (मुझे अपने दोस्त की धोखाधड़ी के बारे में नहीं पता होता। अज्ञान सुखद होता है।)
  2. “I don’t want to ask the doctor about the test results. Ignorance is bliss.” (मैं डॉक्टर से परीक्षण के परिणामों के बारे में पूछना नहीं चाहता। अज्ञान सुखद होता है।)
  3. “Sometimes, I think it would be easier to be a child again, where ignorance is bliss.” (कभी-कभी, मैं सोचता हूँ कि एक बच्चा होना आसान होता है, जहां अज्ञान सुखद होता है।)
  4. “I don’t want to know if I failed the exam. Ignorance is bliss.” (मैं नहीं जानना चाहता कि मैंने परीक्षा में फेल कर दिया है या नहीं। अज्ञान सुखद होता है।)
  5. “I try not to worry about things that are out of my control. Ignorance is bliss.” (मैं अपने नियंत्रण के बाहर चीजों के बारे में चिंता नहीं करने की कोशिश करता हूँ। अज्ञान सुखद होता है।)

How to Respond to “Ignorance is Bliss”?

If someone says “Ignorance is Bliss,” it may be appropriate to acknowledge that sometimes ignorance can be beneficial in certain situations. However, it is also important to remember that knowledge is power, and in some cases, it may be necessary to confront difficult truths in order to address problems and move forward.

Translating “Ignorance is Bliss” into Hindi

In Hindi, the idiom “Ignorance is Bliss” can be translated as “अज्ञान सुखद है” (Agyaan sukhad hai).

हिंदी में, “Ignorance is Bliss” का मुहावरा “अज्ञान सुखद है” (Agyaan sukhad hai) के रूप में अनुवाद किया जा सकता है।

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