Sacred Cow: Meaning in Hindi & English

The idiom “sacred cow” refers to a person, institution, or tradition that is considered to be above criticism or immune from change. In English, this phrase is often used to describe something that is considered too valuable or important to question or challenge.

अंग्रेज़ी में “sacred cow” एक ऐसी व्यक्ति, संस्था, या परंपरा के बारे में कहा जाता है जो समालोचना से ऊपर होता है या परिवर्तन से अभिमुख होता है। हिंदी में, यह वाक्य उस चीज को वर्णन करने के लिए उपयोग किया जाता है जो प्रश्न या चुनौती देने के लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण या अनुमानित होता है।

What is “sacred cow”?

“Sacred cow” is an idiom that is used to describe something or someone that is considered to be above criticism or immune from change. The phrase may be applied to a wide range of topics, including social, political, and religious issues, as well as personal beliefs and traditions.

Usage of “sacred cow”?

“Sacred cow” is typically used to refer to a person or institution that is considered to be untouchable or above reproach, often due to their perceived value or significance. This can include political parties, religious institutions, cultural traditions, and other organizations or practices that are considered to be integral to society or a particular group of people.

Examples of “sacred cow” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “The idea of cutting funding for public schools is political suicide. Education is a sacred cow.”
    (सार्वजनिक स्कूलों के लिए वित्त पोषण कटौती के विचार को राजनैतिक आत्महत्या माना जाता है। शिक्षा एक पवित्र गाय है।)
  2. “The company is so afraid of bad publicity that their customer service has become a sacred cow. No one can criticize it, even when it’s clearly lacking.”
    (कंपनी बुरी प्रचार से इतनी डरी हुई है कि उनकी ग्राहक सेवा एक पवित्र गाय बन गई है। कुछ भी समालोचना नहीं की जा सकती, यहाँ तक ​​कि जब यह स्पष्ट तौर पर कमजोर हो रही हो।)
  3. “I know it’s an old tradition, but that doesn’t mean we can’t question it. We need to stop treating it like a sacred cow.”
    (मुझे पता है कि यह एक पुरानी परंपरा है, लेकिन इसका मतलब यह नहीं है कि हम इस पर सवाल नहीं कर सकते। हमें एक पवित्र गाय की तरह इसे नहीं देखना चाहिए।)

How to Respond to “sacred cow”?

When someone refers to something as a “sacred cow,” it may be a sign that they are not open to criticism or change. In some cases, it may be appropriate to respectfully challenge their views and offer alternative perspectives or solutions. However, it is important to approach these discussions with empathy and an openness to different points of view.

Translating “sacred cow” into Hindi

In Hindi, the phrase “पवित्र गाय” (Pavitr Gai) can be used to express the idea of a “sacred cow,” referring to something that is considered above criticism or immune from change.

हिंदी में, “sacred cow” की व्याख्या के लिए वाक्य “पवित्र गाय” (Pavitr Gai) का उपयोग किया जा सकता है, जो कुछ ऐसा होता है जो समालोचना से ऊपर होता है या परिवर्तन से निर्धारित होता है।

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