White Lie: Meaning in Hindi & English

The idiom “white lie” refers to a minor and harmless lie that is told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or to spare them from the truth. In English, the word “white” is often associated with purity or innocence, hence, a “white lie” can also be viewed as a lie that is not intended to cause harm or deceit.

अंग्रेज़ी में “white lie” एक ऐसी छोटी और नुकसान नहीं पहुँचाने वाली झूठ है जो किसी के भावनाओं को ठेस पहुँचाने से बचाने या सच्चाई से बचाने के लिए बोला जाता है। अंग्रेजी में, शब्द “white” शुद्धता या मासूमियत से जुड़ा होता है, इसलिए, “white lie” झूठ को भी देखा जा सकता है जो नुकसान या धोखाधड़ी का इरादा नहीं रखता।

What is a “White Lie”?

A “White Lie” is a minor or harmless lie that is typically told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or to spare them from the truth. It is usually an inconsequential deception that is not intended to cause harm or deceit.

Usage of “White Lie”?

“White Lie” is commonly used when someone is trying to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or to avoid a difficult situation. For example, if someone asks you if you like their new outfit, and you don’t, you might tell a “white lie” to avoid hurting their feelings. It can also be used in situations where the truth may be too harsh or confrontational.

Examples of “White Lie” in a sentence in English and Its meaning in Hindi:

  1. “I told a white lie to my friend when I said that her cooking was good.” (मैंने अपनी मित्रा से कहा कि उनका खाना अच्छा था जबकि मैं जानता था कि उसका खाना मुझे पसंद नहीं था।)
  2. “Sometimes telling a white lie is better than hurting someone with the truth.” (कभी-कभी सच्चाई से किसी के भावनाओं को ठेस पहुंचाने से बेहतर होता है कि कोई छोटा झूठ बोल दिया जाए।)
  3. “I only told a white lie to my boss to avoid getting into trouble.” (मैंने अपने बॉस से दंड से बचने के लिए केवल एक छोटे से झूठ का ही प्रयोग किया।)
  4. “My friend told me a white lie to make me feel better about my recent breakup.” (मेरे दोस्त ने मुझे मेरे हाल के ब्रेकअप के बारे में अच्छा महसूस कराने के लिए छोटा झूठ बताया।)
  5. “My daughter told a white lie to her teacher about why she was late for school.” (मेरी बेटी ने अपनी टीचर को स्कूल के लिए देरी से क्यों पहुंची उसके बारे में छोटा झूठ बोला।)

How to Respond to a “White Lie”?

If someone tells you a “White Lie,” you may want to acknowledge their attempt to spare your feelings or protect you from the truth. You could respond with a simple “thank you” or by letting them know that you appreciate their consideration. However, if you suspect that someone is regularly telling you “White Lies” to manipulate or deceive you, it’s important to address the behavior directly.

Translating “White Lie” into Hindi

In Hindi, “White Lie” can be translated as “सफ़ेद झूठ” (Safed Jhooth), which literally means “white lie”.

हिंदी में “White Lie” को “सफ़ेद झूठ” (Safed Jhooth) कहा जा सकता है, जो कि शब्दकोश के अनुसार वास्तविकता से थोड़ा झूठ होता है।

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