43 Snake Names in English and Hindi

Snakes are a diverse group of reptiles that belong to the suborder Serpentes. They can be found in various habitats ranging from deserts to rainforests and are known for their unique physical characteristics such as their long, slender bodies and lack of limbs. Despite their often intimidating appearance, snakes play a vital role in their ecosystems as both predator and prey.

Snake Names in English and Hindi

43 Snake Names in English and Hindi


SN Image Name in English Scientific name in English Name in Hindi
1 Indian Cobra Indian Cobra Naja naja नाग
2 Monocellate Cobra Monocellate Cobra Naja kaouthia एकाकी नाग
3 King Cobra King Cobra Ophiophagus hannah नागराज
4 Common Krait Common Krait Bungarus caeruleus करैत
5 Banded Krait Banded Krait Bungarus fasciatus अहिराज
6 Hump-nosed Viper Slender Coral Snake Calliophis melanurus कोरल सर्प
7 Common Seasnake Common Seasnake Hydrophis schistosus समुद्री सर्प
8 Russell's Viper Russell’s Viper Daboia russelii दबोईया
9 Saw-scaled Viper Saw-scaled Viper Echis carinatus अफई
10 Bamboo Viper Bamboo Viper Trimeresurus gramineus गैटर सांप
11 Hump-nosed Viper Hump-nosed Viper, Hypnale hypnale उबड़ नाक वाइपर
12 Malabarian Pit Viper Malabarian Pit Viper Trimeresurus malabaricus मलबार पिट वाइपर
13 Indian Python Indian Python Python molurus अजगर
14 Rough-scaled Sand Boa Rough-scaled Sand Boa Eryx conicus रफ टायर सैंड बोआ
15 Red Sand Boa Red Sand Boa Eryx johnii दोमुँही
16 Oriental Rat Snake Oriental Rat Snake Ptyas mucosa पूर्वी घुस नाग
17 Trinket Snake Trinket Snake Coelognathus helena ट्रिंकेट स्नेक
18 Indian Wolf Snake Indian Wolf Snake Lycodon aulicus भारतीय वॉल्फ स्नेक
19 Banded Kukri Banded Kukri Oligodon arnensis बैंडेड कुकरी स्नेक
20 Streaked Kukri Snake Streaked Kukri Snake Oligodon taeniolatus स्ट्रीक्ड कुकरी स्नेक
21 Chequered Keelback Chequered Keelback Fowlea piscator चेकर्ड कीलबैक स्नेक
22 Buff Striped Keelback Buff Striped Keelback Amphiesma stolatum सीतालट
23 Green Keelback Green Keelback Macropisthodon plumbicolor हरे कीलबैक स्नेक
24 Split Keelback Split Keelback Atretium schistosum स्प्लिट कीलबैक स्नेक
25 Common Bronzeback Tree Snake Common Bronzeback Tree Snake Dendrelaphis tristis सामान्य ब्रॉन्जेक ट्री स्नेक
26 Long-nosed Whipsnake Long-nosed Whipsnake Ahaetulla nasuta लांग-नोज्ड व्हिपस्नेक
27 Golden Tree Snake Golden Tree Snake Chrysopelea ornata गोल्डन ट्री स्नेक
28 Common Cat Snake Common Cat Snake Boiga trigonata मांजरा सांप
29 Beddome's Cat Snake Beddome’s Cat Snake Boiga beddomei मांजरा साँप
30 Banded Racer Banded Racer Argyrogena fasciolata बैंडेड रेसर
31 Sharma's Racer Sharma’s Racer Platyceps bholanathi शर्मा का रेसर
32 Graceful Racer Graceful Racer Platyceps gracilis ग्रेसफुल रेसर
33 Royal Snakes Royal Snakes Spalerosophis रॉयल स्नेक्स
34 Sand Racers Sand Racers Psammophis सैंड रेसर्स
35 Indian Smooth Snake Indian Smooth Snake Coronella brachyura इंडियन स्मूथ स्नेक
36 Calamaria Reed Snake Calamaria Reed Snake Liopeltis calamaria कैलमारिया रीड स्नेक
37 Black-headed snake Black-headed snake Sibynophis subpunctatus ब्लैक-हेडेड स्नेक
38 Asian Bockadam Asian Bockadam Cerberus rynchops एशियन बोकडैम
39 Marine File Snake Marine File Snake Acrochordus granulatus मरीन फाइल स्नेक
40 Olive Trapezoid Snake Olive Trapezoid Snake Rhabdops olivaceus ऑलिव ट्रेपेजॉइड स्नेक
41 Brahminy Blindsnake Brahminy Blindsnake Indotyphlops braminus अंधा साँप
42 Shield-tailed Snakes Shield-tailed Snakes Uropeltidae शील्ड-टेल्ड स्नेक्स
43 Wood Snakes Wood Snakes Xylophis वुड स्नेक्स

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Snakes are a fascinating and important group of reptiles that are found in a wide range of environments around the world. Although they can be intimidating, they are an essential part of their ecosystems, serving as both predator and prey. Understanding more about these creatures can help us appreciate and protect their role in the natural world.

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