55 Occupation Names in English and Hindi

Occupation refers to the various types of jobs, professions, or activities that individuals engage in to earn a living or pursue their interests. From doctors to teachers, artists to engineers, and everything in between, occupations are a crucial aspect of human society. They not only provide individuals with a means of livelihood but also play a significant role in shaping our economies and cultures. Choosing the right occupation is essential for individuals to achieve their goals and lead a fulfilling life.

Occupation Names in English and Hindi

55 Occupation Names in English and Hindi

SN Image Name in English Name in Hindi
1 Waiter Waiter वेटर
2 Paramedic Paramedic पैरामेडिक
3 Dentist Dentist दंतचिकित्सक
4 Train conductor Train conductor ट्रेन कंडक्टर
5 Nurse Nurse नर्स
6 Electrician Electrician बिजली मिस्त्री
7 Doctor Doctor डॉक्टर
8 Businessman Businessman व्यापारी
9 American football player American football player अमेरिकी फुटबॉल खिलाड़ी
10 Student Student छात्र
11 Surgeon Surgeon सर्जन
12 Doorman Doorman द्वारपाल
13 Secretary Secretary सचिव
14 Soldier Soldier सैनिक
15 Repairman Repairman मरम्मतक
16 Scientist Scientist वैज्ञानिक
17 Reporter Reporter रिपोर्टर
18 Construction worker Construction worker निर्माण कार्मिक
19 Professor Professor प्रोफेसर
20 Police officer Police officer पुलिस अधिकारी
21 Postman Postman डाकिया
22 Photographer Photographer फोटोग्राफर
23 Pilot Pilot पायलट
24 Catholic nun Catholic nun कैथोलिक नन
25 Painter Painter चित्रकार
26 Mechanic Mechanic मैकेनिक
27 Magician Magician जादूगर
28 Lifeguard Lifeguard जीवनरक्षक
29 Lunchroom supervisor Lunchroom supervisor भोजन कक्ष पर्यवेक्षक
30 Clown Clown चमचमाता
31 Housekeeper Housekeeper घर का जीवन-दायिनी
32 Gardener Gardener माली
33 Geisha Geisha गेशिया
34 Footballer Footballer फुटबॉल खिलाड़ी
35 Forest ranger Forest ranger वन रेंजर
36 Builder Builder निर्माता
37 Foreman Foreman फोरमैन
38 Farmer Farmer किसान
39 Flight attendant Flight attendant उड़ान सहायक
40 Fireman Fireman फायरमैन
41 Engineer Engineer इंजीनियर
42 Carpenter Carpenter कारपेंटर
43 Architect Architect वास्तुकार
44 Boxer Boxer बॉक्सर
45 Cameraman Cameraman कैमरामैन
46 Detective Detective डिटेक्टिव
47 Journalist Journalist पत्रकार
48 Housewife Housewife घरेलू महिला
49 Diver Diver डाइवर
50 Pope Pope पोप
51 Priest Priest पादरी
52 Salesman Salesman सेल्समैन
53 Librarian Librarian पुस्तकालयाध्यक्ष
54 Pirate Pirate समुद्रविद्याधर
55 Singer Singer गायक

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Occupations are an integral part of human society, shaping our economies, cultures, and individual lives. They provide individuals with a means of livelihood and enable them to pursue their passions and interests. Choosing the right occupation is crucial for individuals to achieve their goals and lead a fulfilling life. It’s essential to consider one’s skills, interests, and values when selecting an occupation, as this can impact one’s happiness, success, and overall well-being. By valuing and supporting a diverse range of occupations, we can create a society that provides equal opportunities for all individuals to pursue their passions and contribute to the betterment of our world.

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